I know what this means, however most times i’m seeing it nobody else has logged onto the PC. Why does this keep showing up?


Next time you view this, fire up job manager and see if there's a "Users" tab. Choose it and also see if there's anyone else that left their account logged in.they may have "locked" their session, or a process that was running when they to be logged in, has actually hung.

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Not necessarily hung proces that stating the if you perform a shut down they will loose what ever before is no saved. That means you can have the other user log on and also save what ever they require so castle won't loosened their work.

I see it alot as soon as a user was on a far session and disconnected (exited via their remote window) without a clean sign out.. The mechanism still thinks they're on.

You'll still see them in the customers tab, also though they're no actually online. Standing usually says Disconnected.

As others have actually mentioned, it's the result of who clicking "X" ~ above the RDP home window rather 보다 logging off.

In command prompt, you can use the command "query user /server:localhost" to watch who is logged in, when their critical login time was, and how long it's been idle.

You deserve to kick world off personal then utilizing "logoff #" whereby # is the identifier of the user from the vault command.

Someone else is still utilizing this PC. If friend shut under now, they can lose unsaved work.

Pet peeve:

Windows desires to update, it shuts under while I'm using it, even if I have unsaved work.

I want Windows come shut down, it it s okay in my way, in situation other civilization have unsaved work. Climate refuses to shutdown because I left notepad open.

I don't think there is enough context for her message. Is this a server? workstations?

On a windows 10 an equipment if you simply booted it and reach the log in screen and attempt to shutdown right away you will certainly usually receive the message.

I think is part predictive task that is brand-new to windows 10. A brand-new feature introduced loads applications the were running as soon as a user shutsdown the machines. I think Windows 10 is predicting the very same user will authorize in and starts services/applications under the user account before it indicators in.

I obtain this in ~ home and also I'm sure it's organization related, possibly third party stuff. Never managed to pin suggest it but it doesn't happen every one of the time so opportunity are it's either on-demand solutions or persons which aren't energetic all the time.

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Some shitty, shitty software application will carry out this as it runs a organization (I think?) together a regional admin user it creates on installation. I when encountered it periods ago, but I can't remember the name of the software. I'm sure there's numerous pieces of software program that execute this.