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us have provided the society security workplaces in Pontiac, MI. Pick the surname of the office listed below to obtain full details. When feasible we administer local phone numbers of your local office. This have the right to be the difference between waiting because that as lot as an hour. Pontiac is in Oakland County, MI. Find all social security workplaces in Oakland County.


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Top Tips for Visiting This Office

1. Make An Appointment
- carry out not just show up at your social protection office. There is no an appointment, girlfriend will an ext than likely have a lengthy wait. 2. Exactly how to make an appointment - speak to 1-800-772-1213 (or a neighborhood office number if they have actually one) in between 7 a.m. To 7 p.m., Monday with Friday. Contact the call number as early as possible or after ~ 6pm. As soon as the office is open, a representative will provide you a speak to back. Set up her appointment. 3. Bring Necessary Documentation - as soon as you room on the phone with the representative, make certain you ask lock what creates you will need to bring to her appointment. This will avoid you from having actually to come back again if girlfriend forget her documentation. Right here are some documents you might need come bring: united state birth certificate, united state passport, Social protection Card, etc 4. Lug A perform Of questions You need Answered - This will make it much easier for friend to resolve a time constrained social security representative. Do sure all of your questions acquire answered. 5. Arrive Early - If girlfriend cannot make an appointment, the best way to be checked out is to arrive at the office early. Come just before 9am.
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Social security Offices1855 Dr Andres Way, 6Delray Beach, FL 33445 support

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