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Disclosure: i was provided with media passes to choose events throughout the 2016 southern Beach Wine and also Food Festival. There has been no financial compensation for this post. As always, every opinions are 100% my own.


There were lots of yummy bites to it is in tried from these fort Lauderdale restaurants, most of i beg your pardon I have actually never went to — Yellowfin tuna tacos through mango, hot and sour sauce, and also crispy wonton indigenous Boatyard, grilled octopus with farro, feta, and marcona almond romesca from 3030 Ocean, and seared caramelized Atlantic monkfish with stone ground organic grits, exhilaration gouda and also sweet corn succotash indigenous Wild Sea Oyster Bar and Grille, among many others.

Burrata made an figure on much more than one occasion, and also unique pizzas were abundant. There was a very simple yet flavorful lemon risotto dish i absolutely loved, and lots of various pasta variations. Due to the fact that there was rather a most carbs and indulgence walking on, I permitted myself to pick one sweet treat for the night and also one sweet treat only. I in reality stuck to my guns, and ended up making a REALLY great decision as soon as I decided a white chocolate and also coconut macaroon. It was chewy, crunchy, and oh-so-deliciously sweet.

The weekend continued with Croquetas and also Champagne in ~ the Palm Court in the style District, hosted by chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten. Twenty restaurants put their very own twist ~ above the classic Cuban croqueta, giving everyone a little something various to shot at every table. The best part about this event? I gained to meet Chef Jeremy Ford, at this time one that the peak Chef Finalists (we’ll find out this week if he wins the top Chef title!). Lucky for me, his croqueta to be filled v crab meat — most of the others to be meat-based so there wasn’t lot for me come eat here.

Speaking that eating, there were so plenty of delicious bites i tried throughout the day, but my favorites had to be the Brussels sprouts salad with gorgonzola, pecans, cranberries, and also apple cider vinaigrette from Proof Pizza & Pasta, exhilaration wahoo fish dip native Blue Marlin Fish House, and the environment-friendly garlic and black pepper ricotta toast v broccolini, watermelon radish, and also tomatoes native Dirt, Miami’s newest farm-to-counter eatery.

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Actually, the whole weekend was filled with great eating. That’s one thing about the south Beach Wine and Food Festival — friend never have to worry around the high quality of the key you’ll it is in trying. It’s height of the line, every single time.