Kinda bored and looking for a new main. I experienced this done in a sports wherein a dude messaged all nhl groups asking why he have to cheer for them and I want to execute it in LoL. You guys are number 65 and I have two inquiries to ask friend guys, must I main kled? Why or why not? say thanks to you for the answer in advance.

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Are girlfriend batshit insane and also like tacos? carry out you favor living v literally no health and having the foe tilt? Is all of the map your property?

Seriously though, Kled is definitely fun come play, and even if girlfriend don't end up maining that he's pretty unique in playstyle and just funny overall.

From mine opinion Kled is really funny champion come play. That has: -Amazing voice present -Mushroom juice -Skaarl, the cowardly lizard -And his axe! yet seriously, looking at gameplay, he have the right to bully well in early-game, sometimes (most that the times) the is able to pull 1v2, he has an excellent sticking capacity (because of his q, e and r) and his remount mechanic is... Sometimes animation is too slow and also you can die, however most that the times it deserve to save her live and also you are able to pull that nasty twin kill.

You have the right to just log into PBE and also screw around with each champ until you uncover what you like because they're all unlocked.

Yeah around that ns kinda gained banned and also had to say farewell bye to honour level 5 and also went right ago to 0

Cos girlfriend play aggresive, every game. No boring cowering under tower, constantly attacking, doong some good ol switcheroos by winning an inicially losing fight,you deserve to make insane plays, and honestly, its so exciting/intense/fun play him, all the time

I’ll say this lot my friend. I have played numerous a champs however Kled will always draw me back. Wherein some champs friend play for mechanical complexity, friend play Kled due to the fact that you desire to have actually fun on a champion that offers plenty of wiggle room for wonderful plays.

If you gained bored from kled you must not main him. Voicelines and also the stunner playstyle need to be the reason you key kled.

I've to be a Kled OTP because that over a year now and also honestly ns think Kled has really great potential not only to victory lane(even acquisition a few kills indigenous the adversary jungler), but likewise to assist your entire team during early game.

I play him through ignite for higher kill pressure in early and also depending on your jungler sometimes also take barrier instead of flash. ~ I've killed the opponent laner 2 or 3 times I try to roam mid or bot through my jungler. And having a an excellent jungler who complies with you into fight is really important. That's why I try to play with a friend as a top/jg duo.

Other than being ridiculously strong, Kled is also fun come play. I swear to god Kled has a secret passive called "What the fuck is your champ" and also it activates as soon as you acquire a solo dual kill top top lvl 3, do the opponent laner tilt and start talking in allchat.

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All in all, Kled makes league fun for me, and there are very few champions who have the right to do that.