Is snow White her favorite princess? are you planning a imperial Disney Halloween theme? climate I’ve acquired the best costume come pair through your eye White, her prince. This snow White Prince Costume is much much easier to make than my various other prince costumes!

How lover is this Prince Florian aka snow White Prince Costume?

Snow White Prince Costume

After the success of ours DIY Prince Charming costume critical year, i was itching to try another royal creation. I almost recreated my Prince Charming costume in blue and silver, choose the prince in the brand-new Cinderella movie.

Instead, ns opted to make a totally different prince costume, an easy DIY snow White prince costume just in time for the relax of snow White top top Blu-ray. Who claims princesses have all the fun?!?

This is another costume that made use of a lot of material/pieces we currently had on hand. In fact, similar to our Jake & the Neverland Pirate costumes, i upcycled a blue Amazon gift bag for component of this costume. If friend don’thoard weird things like me, then you’ll have to substitute marine blue material of part sort.

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DIY eye White Prince Costume Materials

White switch down shirt1 garden of dark red fleeceBrown/gold cord or ribbon2 small button pinsNavy blue material (I upcycled one Amazon gift bag because that this part)Brown leather beltBoots

With a base of blue pants, a white shirt, a brown belt and also boots, there are only 2 key pieces you must make: the red cloak and blue tunic with gold trim.

Want to download a printable copy the this tutorial? inspect out mine costume ebooks.

No-Sew Tunic for eye White Prince Costume

Use a vest as a layout when developing this straightforward sheath style tunic.

I rotate the extra large, blue Amazon gift bag into the snow White Prince tunic. I didn’t have actually a pattern so I just used among Elliot’s vest, to around cut out the shape.

Make certain you fold your towel in half, so you only have to cut out the shape once. After having actually him shot it on, i trimmed it to the best length.

No hemming to be necessary, I simply finished all the edge of the prince tunic through gold duct tape.

I perfect the edges of the tunic v gold duct tape. Ns tried to keep the width of the trim continuous as ns went follow me the edge.

The bent edges will need smaller sections of gold tape as you shot and edge the ice cream to match the curve.

No-Sew coat for eye White Prince Costume

Create a no-sew cloak utilizing red fleece and gold cord.

Snow White’s prince put on a red cloak, no a cape. A coat is a much fuller garment. My satiny no-sew superhero cape wouldn’t yes, really look appropriate so i hunted about online for another idea.

I found this awesome video clip with one easy technique for creating a no-sew cloak the end of fleece. Basically, when you have actually the fleece reduced to length you fold over the top edge around 1 customs or so and cut small slits along the edge every 1 inch. Climate weave your cord v the slits and also the material will conference at the neck when you pull the cord.

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Finish turn off the cloak through a yellow pendant utilizing old pin buttons and my favorite, yellow duct tape.

The prince has a pendant of sorts on his cloak, ns tried come mimic it utilizing a pair of random button pins ns had and gold duct tape. I began by spanning two old buttons v gold duct tape.

After identify a great length of coat cord, i knotted the cord come the pen of one of the buttons. I put the other switch on the ago side, sandwiching the end of the cord inside. A thin piece of yellow tape then finished off the leaf of the pendant.

A eye White Prince Costume needs a blue and also gold tunic, red cloak and a few accessories

That’s it! after ~ snapping a few hundred pictures,