Smoke on The Water Barbeque rivals & Music Event can 15

This Bbq as well as music enthusiasts occasion is sponsor by Success Layne Chevrolet, Suncoast Drink Sales, the City the Ft Myers, pet Cat nation 107.1 as well as 95.3 The River. Sponsors covers Triumph Layne Chevrolet, Suncoast Beverage Sales, the City of ft Myers, pet Cat country 107.1 as well as 95.3 The River. Discover our food selection to find info on our background, objective, events, and also extra.

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Access to Smoke ~ above the Water Barbecue Competition and also Songs celebration is for sure cost-free! Guests have the right to walk via Centennial Park while acquisition pleasure in great music and likewise fun for the whole household. This year, occasion goers can acquire barbeque from among the countless chef groups from across the South. Reap songs indigenous imitate Sheena Brook, the No ar Band, The electric Mud, and the Ben Allen Band, and additionally shop from among the many retail vendors. Experience the celebrations because that free, or acquisition VIP tickets for Saturday that consist that a safeguarded picnic area near the phase, one dish, and likewise 2 beverage tickets.
The chance is complimentary as well as obtainable to the basic public with live music and likewise craft beer transparent the celebration. Smoke on the Water Barbecue Competitors and Music occasion goes back to downtown ft Myers ~ above April 26th and also 27th! take it pleasure in tasty barbecue, rocking songs, and also enjoyable for the whole household! execute not miss out on this Florida Bbq partner sanctioned event, featuring cook teams from throughout the south completing for a possibility to win. Southerly rock, country and also blues song will absolutely keep crowds delighted. The phase will be situated prior to the City Pier framework in the fort Myers’ flow Area. This fun-for-whole-family occasion has songs by the i do not have anything Band ~ above Friday night and Sheena Creek, Redemption SWFL, Grayson Rogers, and likewise Unforgiven on Saturday.Guests have the right to stroll through Ft Myers flow Container while taking pleasure in wonderful song and also enjoyable for the entire family. In addition to the barbecue as well as songs, over there is a kid fun zone, v arts and also crafts.

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The Sidney & Berne Davis arts Facility is when again happy to lug several that the most reliable bbq from about the country to Southwest Florida. BBQ teams will not simply serve up compensation winning BBQ however compete against each various other to view who has the most effective.