Dish Network has actually its contending Internet TV network, lot like renowned TV streaming services like Hulu TV and also YouTube TV. Sling TV is obtainable to install and also stream on various devices. You deserve to watch her favorite shows while in ~ the exact same time have the ability to record her favorite episodes and movies.

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Users of Sling TV space happy with the streaming organization but sometimes complaints around errors are preventing them indigenous watching their shows. If you have actually encountered the Sling TV error codes 4-402, 4-310 or 10-402, examine out the steps below on exactly how you can fix and also resolve any of this issues.

What is Sling TV Error code 4-402

The Sling TV error code 4-402 happens when there is miscellaneous wrong through the software, which is staying clear of you from not playing her content.

What is Sling TV Error password 4-310

If you face the Sling TV error code 4-310, it way that the content you space watching is not available. In part cases, that is likewise a typical error to individuals using the application on Chrome.

What is Sling TV Error password 10-402

The Sling TV Error password 10-402 shows that your contents is not available.

Fixing Sling TV Error code 4-402, 4-310 or 10-402

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Method #1 – examine If You room Using different Devices

Signing in her Sling TV app to different devices can cause the error so ideal to authorize out to all devices and also only sign back in to one an equipment you desire to watch.

To authorize out every devices, open the sling website on any kind of browser.Login her account and navigate to my Account.Under the an individual Information Section, click machine History.Click authorize out of all devices.Now, sign back in to just one maker and begin watching Sling TV.

Method #2 – Restart her Sling TV App

Close the Sling TV application completely.Launch the application again and also log in to her account.Now, try watching a show and also see if the error still exists.

Method #3 – carry out a strength Cycle on your Device

First, move off every your tools including her modem and router.Unplug all of your devices.Wait because that at least 30 secs then plugin your modem.Once her modem is set, plugin your router.Now, plug in and also turn your maker on.Launch her Sling TV and also check if the error is tho there.

Method #4 – Reinstall her Sling TV App

First, uninstall the app by going to the Settings.Open App and click every Apps.Look because that Sling TV and click Uninstall.Now, go to the application Store or Google beat Store and install the app again.

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Which technique above assisted you deal with your Sling TV error? We would love to recognize so drop us a comment below.