‘Set as Head’ is a supervisor strange debug alternative – yet it have the right to be an extremely helpful.

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Sometimes things is ‘stuck’ (frozen) and the center cannot choose it increase in live mode and also you cannot grab that in construct mode.

The object may be grounding on the lot or off the lot however near her lot. once this happens periodically the ‘Set as Head’ option deserve to help.

How execute I use ‘Set as Head’ on an item on the Sim’s lot?

If the thing is on the lot:

Enable testing Cheats:• through your lot of open, push Shift+Control+C to open up the cheat console box (upper left of your screen). Get in the complying with in the cheat code box…testingcheats on (press enter): (Note: testingcheats true additionally works)

• girlfriend will check out a check message: “Cheats are enabled”:

Set together Head• have your sim stand through the object.• pick your Sim, climate ‘shift+click’ on the top top the object. Pick ‘Set as head’. Don’t be freaked the end – the thing will currently be vast and the Sim’s head.

• currently ‘shift+click’ on the big object on the Sim’s head and also choose “Reset object (Debug)” indigenous the pie menu that mr up. Currently the large object will be on the ground.
Disable testing Cheats:• Enter the following in the cheat password box…testingcheats off (press enter): (Note: testingcheats false also works)
• girlfriend will check out a confirmation message: “Cheats are disabled”:
• You deserve to delete the substantial object now, or enter construct mode and also shrink that to normal size. Choose the large object. Push the ‘<‘ key 3 times until it’s the normal size. If girlfriend have challenges doing this friend can try enabling MOO.

How do I use ‘Set together Head’ on an object that’s off the Sim’s lot?

Object stuck just outside the Sim’s lot of or on the border line:Make sure the center is standing on their own lot (within their lot boundaries), then use the directions above.• Object stuck on in human being not near Sim’s lot:Have your sim stand on any lot near the object that is a lot girlfriend can go into in develop Mode, or the you can go into in build Mode by utilizing the enablefreebuild cheat. Then usage the directions above.

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Tip: I’ve heard that the mod “T.O.O.L.” may have the ability to remove some objects off-lot.