The sim no provisioned mm#2 trouble is quite typical especially amongst the civilization who to buy a brand-new phone through a new sim card or transport their number to a more recent sim card. The Sim not provisioned mm#2 error will be presented on her phone v the emergency calls alternative only. Through this error on her phone, friend won’t have the ability to contact anyone other than for 911. However, girlfriend will be able to use her phone and its other attributes without a problem.

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The key reason because that the sim no provisioned mm#2 is because your center isn’t activated or is suspended indigenous the company provider or isn’t picked up by the cell phone. If you just bought a brand-new sim map then girlfriend are likely to see this error because you can have come activate her sim. If your sim was functioning fine and started offering this error then it deserve to mean two things. The first scenario is the the center card is dead and, therefore, inactive (in instance it’s also old). The 2nd scenario is the your center card to be deactivated from your organization provider since you inquiry to transfer your number come a new sim card. There have the right to be many other cases but you get the point, it will always come ago to your sim card being inactive and without a network.


1. Contacting the company Provider

Your service providers are the one that deserve to activate or deactivate your center card. For this reason the only solution to this Sim no provisioned mm#2 difficulty is to contact the organization provider’s customer support. They will certainly either provide you a brand-new sim card in situation the present one is faulty or will merely activate the center card if over there isn’t any problem.

2. Properly Connecting center Card

Sometimes the concern might not be with your provider yet with the phone and also sim card. You have the right to see the error if your center card isn’t connected properly. Also if girlfriend haven’t touched the sim card there’s still a possibility that it moved a small bit because of a faulty center holder.

To make certain you have actually properly inserted the sim card follow the steps offered below.

Turn off her cell phone.Open the ago cover of her phone. Every phone call opens differently so examine your phone’s hand-operated if you’re not sure.Locate the sim holder. If friend can’t view the sim holder climate you can have come take the end the battery. It might be under the battery.

Now insert the battery into the phone (in situation you took it out) and also close the earlier cover. Restart her phone and also check if the trouble is solved.

If nobody of these techniques shown over helped you in ~ all, there may be other wrong through your call or sim Card. Try putting the sim Card in another mobile just for trial and error purposes. If it functions on the phone it means that there is other wrong v your call that requirements to it is in rectified, you can contact a local mobile fix shop come get more information top top this issue. If the sim doesn’t job-related correctly on that phone either there might be other wrong v the center itself. In the case, you will have actually to obtain a sim replacement.

through Kevin ArrowsMay 5, 2021
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Fix: SIM not Provisioned MM2

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