Following the disastrous shooting in ~ Marjory Stoneman Douglas High institution in Parkland, Florida last month, the college student survivors have functioned tirelessly to obtain a mass gun manage movement turn off the ground. And also they"ve regulated to do simply that.

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On Saturday, in march 24,the March for Our Lives is set to kick off in Washington, DC, v thousands of people expected come descend top top the nation"s capital in support of stricter total laws, and also an end to pistol violence and mass shootings. Over there are additionally some 700 other satellite marches reserved to take ar this weekend across the country, including major events to plan in new York, Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Plenty of expect that to be the biggest single-day protest since the Women"s in march in January.

People will be toting posters through pro-gun regulate messages of all kinds, native pointed criticism the politicians and the NRA, to calls because that stricter elevator checks and also safer schools. And while that doesn"t take lot to make a poster, figuring out what to say top top one deserve to be very tough. So, if you"re to plan to attend a march and still aren"t sure what you desire your poster to say, we"ve collected some standout ideas (below) the may assist inspire you.

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March because that Our stays Poster concepts for Kids

The march will certainly surely bring out people of every ages and backgrounds, and also as with countless demonstrations that this nature, many parents will certainly likely lug their small kids. Frankly, occasionally the many passionate people at a rally end up being the youngest persons there. If you arrangement to go with kids, think about helping them do a poster with one of these messages:

"Am ns next?""Love her kids. No your guns.""We have actually a ideal to live.""My parents poll for my life over your guns.""Please it is in nice.""It"s time for a change (and I"m no talking around my diaper).""I support college walk-outs (and ns can"t also walk).""No to hidden carrying, yes to baby carrying."

Editor"s note: If you"re travelling to various other cities or have actually friends who want to get involved in the marches, examine out ours guides because that NYC, Washington D.C., Miami, Los Angeles, mountain Francisco and also Chicago.

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