DUMAS, TEXAS --On April 2, 2018, Shamrock Federal credit Union announced their brand-new name and also brand change to Texan skies Credit Union. Developed in 1940 to serve the employees and also families the the Shamrock Oil and Gas Company, castle are now a charter credit transaction union now serving every persons that live, work, worship, or attend college in Moore and also Live Oak Counties the Texas. In current years, it ended up being clear that their name and overall brand no much longer represented the varied membership they had concerned serve or the vision the the credit Union.

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"We offer our members with the "panhandle integrity" that has actually garnered trust and solid relationship throughout the community," says Eddie Phillips, President/CEO that Texan skies Credit Union. "While us take pridein our heritage, we additionally take proud in the diversity of our membership and also want to take it the next measures forward to not only aid the credit Union grow, but to show a better representation of the poeple and communities we serve."


Before Logo and Name


After Logo and Name

Knowing a rebrand was essential for your growth, Shamrock turned to La Macchia Group, a Milwaukee-based company that specializes in branding, designing and building for financial institutions. “The brand identification is motivated by the attitude and down-to-earth culture of the Texas panhandle. The wordTexan Skysignifies ownership, and also both the name and also tagline were inspired by the idea that, just like the old saying goes, ‘the sky’s larger in Texas,’ as room the opportunities, freedoms and dreams a member can attain at the credit transaction Union. The idea behind the design direction was to carry a small bit the the western feel and grit the the surrounding landscape into the textural elements of the branded look. The shade palette was motivated by the colorful Texan sunsets and also rich desert landscape,” claims Rachel Mahuta the La Macchia Group, the an imaginative mind behind the Texan skies name and design.

BA Group, Northfield, Minn., has led the marketing following the name and also branding change.

“We were instantly excited and also honored to take it the next procedures with incorporating and building top top the beautiful brand La Macchia team had created for the credit transaction union, and also developing every the rebranding aspects needed for the start of Texan Sky,” stated Amy Herbig, CEO the The BA Group. “From creating a brand-new website from scratch with our reliable partner, SmartSource Solutions, to the Brand Bootcamp hosted with the entire credit union team and also everything we had actually to accomplish in-between – the journey from Shamrock come Texan Sky has actually happened quickly, however successfully and we couldn’t have actually asked to job-related with a better group of devoted people who truly care about their members, their communities, and their credit transaction union.”

With the name adjust and new brand, Texan Sky claimed it has made added improvements to such points as its brand-new responsive website and brand-new Interactive Teller equipments at the branches. That has additionally moved to a brand-new office that La Macchia group helped design and also build. This brand-new location has a more modern-day look v a friendly and also welcoming atmosphere, distinct Texan sky brand incorporation, and a coffee station and also lounge area because that members come enjoy, the credit transaction union said.

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“Our mission through this rebrand is committed to empowering members through the financial devices to build their future and redefine those possible,” claimed Scott Snyder, vice president of Texan Sky. “We are the credit transaction union the empowers you come ‘Start Dreaming,’ due to the fact that we’re below to aid make those dreams a reality.”

The credit union has about 7,800 members.For more, read the write-up in CUToday.