Jump over the damaged bridge and take the path to the right to discover CRUMBLING (MURAL 1/2) and SURVIVAL CACHE 1/1.

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Go back and climb up to the center of the building. Lara will gain a see of a huge contraption ahead. Start by heading under to the right. As soon as you with the gap, take the ledge come the left to shimmy across. Fall down and also walk throughout the pole towards the middle, jump approximately grab the middle ledge, and also drop under to her left. Go throughout the bridge, seize onto the ledge in ~ the end, and also use the craggy wall surface to rappel down. Walk to the various other side the the room and also scramble increase the wall. Rise up the wall and rotate approximately to the various other side. Climb under to the craggy wall, rappel down, and then wall run to the other craggy wall to her right. Climb up this wall.

Tether the external pole (with the sails) through the pole in the middle. Go towards the middle and grab onto one of the sail"s sides. There will be walls once you acquire up. Stay towards the outside, climate go towards the middle, and finally scramble increase the wall surface on the outside. Time your jump up so the you"re not hit, currently you have the right to use the ladder to your best to climb up.

The 2nd ladder will be rotated incorrectly, so shimmy your method to the appropriate platform. Run to the middle platform and go down the nearby ramp. Do the jump throughout the gap at the bottom come a ledge across. Shimmy to her left and climb up. Rise up the left wall. As you close to the top, wait because that the metal bar to pass over her head and climb right into the space. Move conveniently to the hole to her right.

Continue till you autumn near another trio of sails. Take it the stairs near the roped article to discover A PROVERB (DOCUMENT 1/1).


Go earlier to the sails and also look towards the middle. You should see some rope that you deserve to pull down to the left. Traction it down and then pull the contraption behind it. Tether that with the roped article before the goes back. Currently you can affix the sails v the middle pole.

Jump come the ladder in the middle. This will reason Lara to nearly fall, so gain ready to reclaim Lara"s grip. Climb up and you will notification two metal poles close to your elevation and some wall surfaces you can scramble up in the direction of the middle. Wait until you happen the 2 poles and then run in the direction of the middle, scramble increase the wall, and also then conveniently jump increase again to stop the other steel poles. Shimmy to the left and climb increase the pole. Usage the craggy walls to your left to rise to the external of the walls.

Climb up and also then jump earlier to the middle. Rise up till you"re simply under the three steel poles rotating around. Above them are some scramble wall surfaces that space rotating in opposing direction. Wait because that an opening and climb until the metal poles can"t with you. Once you with the top, shimmy to her right and also climb up to the center. Look about for a bird statue. It will certainly be about your elevation. There is a craggy wall to that bottom left. Walk come the leaf of the poles and also then jump to the planks above the craggy wall. Climb under to the craggy wall, rappel down (make sure not to go previous the wall), and wall run to her right as soon as the ladder is in the exactly orientation. The ladder will break, but Lara will certainly hang on. Run up and also then head come safety.

Path to the covert City- discover the covert City

GOLDEN job (MURAL 2/2) will certainly be in prior of you.


Head down the left route until you with water. Jump down to the water and also get the end at the other end. A chasm will be in prior of you. Rise up the craggy wall to the right. As soon as you reach the top, scramble up the wall surface in front of you and also climb up the communication to your left. Jump across the void to the various other side and also go through the small cave.

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Time Codes:

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***CollectiblesDocument 1 - 4:34Mural 1 - 0:46Mural 2 - 7:24Survival Cache 1 - 0:40
8. The surprise City6. Kuwaq Yaku
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