Reach the Temple

After the scene, dive right into the water and also search the bottom for a Supply Cache and some Salvage and also then wade toward the bridge to clues Trinity. Prior to heading under the bridge, check the water for a Resource Container and then proceed until you trigger another scene.

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Continue right into the following area, wherein there are four more Trinity members: two standing in the center and also a patrol close to the entrance and at the earlier of the area. Use the big log for cover and wait for the nearest patrol to was standing behind the crates, which block the view of the other Trinity members, prior to you stealth kill him and also then disregard the 2 in the middle and sneak around to the left.

Hide in the foliage till the 2nd patrol approaches and eliminate him, due to the fact that the forklift gives cover, and then walk approximately the crate in front of the forklift and also grab the bottle here. This should provide you a tutorial on do Molotovs, i m sorry you have the right to then arc in in between to two continuing to be Trinity members.


Search the area for part Salvage and pry open up the gate to a shaft and also then jump across the gap straight ahead to latch top top a craggy wall surface and rappel right into the tunnels below.

Explore the Trinity excavation

Follow the blood deeper right into the excavation site and also when you with the bottom, where a variety of crates are sitting, check the area for a source Container, Document - holy place Survey, and Archivist Map.

Continue right into the ruins and also crotch through a little tunnel and also then jump throughout the fire top top the various other side to find the Mural - temple of Life. You deserve to now head the opposite direction to cause a young event and also then head down the stairs and also approach the statute.


Find a method to open the gate

Note the 2 round doors, one on every side of the room, and the columns on each side the the path forward. The symbols on the columns stand for the Mayan calendar, and you"ll require to match the shortest symbol on the obelisk with the symbol on the door surrounding by rotating the wheel at your base.

If excellent correctly, a route to the doors should expand over the fire and allow you to press the center of the door, which will cause it to relocate out of the way.

Behind every door is another collection of symbols, v the left half representing the left column and the right fifty percent representing the right column. Note that the first two icons on each side the the alcoves, if they have a clue and aren"t blank, right now match the very first two icons on every of the columns.

Using this alcoves, rotate the wheels on each column to match the "third" row of symbols in the alcoves. Done correctly, a path will extend to the key door and permit you to move it aside.

Unfortunately, over there is a second door behind the first and by experimentation it you"ll discover that an incorrect answer will an outcome in the floor collapsing below Lara. You"ll need to return come the columns and also match the fourth row of clues from every alcove to the signs on each pillar in stimulate to move this door aside.

Once again, another door stand in Lara"s way. Go back to the columns once again and note that they have raised to expose a fifth set of symbols that you need to match, yet to what?! The proviso lies in the photo that Lara absorbed Mexico in ~ the start of the game.

Examine the photo until Lara point out the Mayan date "zero", which is basically what the whole left obelisk is currently filled with, and then rotate the column to match the previous 3 symbols. You have the right to now speak through Jonah, who will explain the last symbol for the best column.

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With the last door the end of the way, go into the next area and search both political parties of the room for the Document - Balams and Mural - God the Suicides and also then head increase the stair to trigger a scene.