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A Fortnite container with a window Epic games via
as with every mainly in season X, the mainly 2 Fortnite challenges each have a prestige version that’s available after you’ve excellent the common challenges. For this prestige challenge, players have to search 5 chests inside of containers through windows.

These windowed containers are greatly located in the southeast corner of the Fortnite map, but they aren’t straightforward to uncover unless you know where come look. To make that a little easier, we’ve placed together a map with the place of all the containers with windows.

Fortnite shipping containers through windows locations map

The places of shipping containers with windows in the Fortnite map Epic gamings via several of these containers are inside buildings. Others only have a home window on a single, difficult to point out side, so you’ll have to keep a sharp eye out for them. Unfortunately, over there isn’t one easy means to obtain to 5 in one match, but even if you could it most likely wouldn’t aid you much.

Since this an obstacle requires players to loot chests in the shipping containers, the number you can gain in any match is usually random. Not just will you need to reach among the containers v a window, however you’ll likewise need to be lucky sufficient for a chest to have actually spawned inside that particular container.

You could finish this difficulty by to run by several of these containers once you have the possibility throughout the season. Or if you’d prefer to obtain it done a tiny faster, you could pick one pair that containers that’s out of the means and land there video game after game.

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If you try enough times, at some point the video game will randomly pick the containers you keep landing near, and also they’ll have actually chests inside that you deserve to search.