How many times have actually you watched the "Blank Space" music video since Taylor Swift officially exit it top top Monday? probably not as plenty of times as I have. In between Swift walk full-on crazy as the music video clip goes on to male model Sean O"Pry play the handsome leading male suffering under she craziness, there"s just so much around "Blank Space" to love that it"s tough to recognize where to start. Ns don"t know about you, however the thing that stuck out most about the wild overacting existing in the video was the one, heated, steamy kiss between Swift and also O"Pry close to the end. You recognize the one. V that sort of chemistry, I had actually to ask: room Swift and also O"Pry dating? for sure that sort of music video clip chemistry can"t walk to waste?

The prize to the question appears to it is in no — or at the very least not yet. But, to it is in honest, it"s not very likely. Don"t get me wrong. The 2 of them are adorable. O"Pry admitted come Vanity Fair that Swift is among the only civilization who have ever before made the blush: "She bit my lip. And also I just remember i was really blushing, and I was trying to hide it. Yet that was the very first thing—that was just how I met Taylor... She did incredibly in the video. She’s gorgeous already, but she looks remarkable in the video." Gush an ext about Swift, why don"t you? ns can"t call if O"Pry is as huge a pan of her as the remainder of us are or if he"s just in awe of this beautiful girl who little his lip. Or, hey, both.

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However, together we every know, the pop star is really enjoying the solitary life. In fact, Swift has actually admitted that dating would be an overwhelming for her now due to the fact that the totality idea of just how to do it work about the paparazzi and the busy schedules and also the consistent judgments around her love life gives her anxiety. And, though we already did the detective work to uncover out the O"Pry is single as well (as much as we understand anyway), the opportunity of a relationship in between them is more stymied through the fact that lock don"t yes, really seem to be maintaining in touch. As soon as asked if O"Pry had heard indigenous Swift that day, the design replied that she had contained him in a tweet and also that was around it. The also added later the her parting gift to him after ~ filming to be a "professional" hug and seemed uncertain that the two of lock would ever before really watch each other again.

From this Vanity fair interview, it"s clear that Swift and also O"Pry"s partnership was strict music video magic and great acting that doesn"t translate too off-camera. That"s most likely for the best, to it is in honest.

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Swift has been having the time of her life gift a function model for solitary ladies anywhere who don"t need a guy to be happy (or produce good music, if they desire to produce music) and also the following time she choose to involve it s her in another relationship that should more than likely be more low-key and also built on a stronger basis than camera chemistry. She"s been on a dating hiatus for nearly a year currently and, though the means O"Pry talks her up might make it easy to delivery the two of lock together, the off-camera chemistry and also timing just doesn"t seem right here.