Vital RecordsBirth and Death certificates are an important part the the health and wellness Department. This is where all birth and also death documents are processed because that those births and also deaths emerging in Scotland County. North Carolina basic Statutes 130A write-up 4 calls for that the health Department provide the critical Records routine under the direction that the wellness Director. The wellness Director appoints Deputy Registrars come process critical records.

Where birth & fatality Records room Filed

In accordance with North Carolina general Statutes, all birth and death records should be filed through the Deputy Registrar within five days that occurrence. The Registrar"s office receives and also processes certificates, making essential corrections with appropriate documentation.

Scotland County it is registered of Deeds

After being processed, copies of this certificates room filed with the Scotland County it is registered of Deeds and the original documents are submitted to north Carolina State an essential Records Office whereby they are maintained. Certified copies of birth and death certificates deserve to be derived (for a fee) with the Scotland County register of Deeds, which is situated in the Scotland county Courthouse, Room 250.The Scotland County it is registered of Deeds office is situated at:Physical Address507 W. Covington St.Laurinburg, NC 28352Please contact the it is registered of Deeds office in ~ 910-277-2575, or click here come visit their website for more information.

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Registering a

Birthin Scotland County

Click on the link over to discover out exactly how births room registered in Scotland County, or call the Deputy Registrar in ~ 910-277-2440 for an ext information.

Ordering birth Certificates

For more information ~ above obtaining a copy or certified copy the a bear record, you re welcome click right here to visit the Scotland County it is registered of Deeds website.

Death Certificates

every deaths that happen in Scotland ar must additionally be registered through the Deputy Registrar within five days. That is the duty of the Funeral home (in or out of state) to document the death certificate with the Deputy Registrar. Forms crucial to properly process death certificates are as follows. notice of death (DHHS 2073) (Funeral directors are responsible because that filing with regional Registrar in ~ 24 hours of acquisition custody of deceased; can be sent out by fax.) Burial-Transit permit (DHHS 1184) (Required to transport deceased individuals out of phibìc Carolina and must be derived through Deputy Registrar during organization hours or with a sub-registrar ~ hours.)

North Carolina department of wellness & human being Services an essential Records Forms

crucial records deserve to be accessed top top the phibìc Carolina Health and also Human services website.

Other an important Records

Other an important Records develops are accessible at the health and wellness Department upon request. For extr information regarding critical records, please contact our office in ~ 910-277-2440.

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Mailing Address:
Scotland County health DepartmentVital RecordsP.O. Box 69Laurinburg, NC 28353Office Location:1405 W. BoulevardLaurinburg, NC 28353Hours: Mon-Fri 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.