SBC global Services, Inc., doing company as AT&T global Services, supplies telecommunications services including long distance, voice and also data solutions to federal agencies; authorized commonwealth contractors; agency-sponsored universities and laboratories; and also state, local and tribal governments and other organizations. It also provides calling and internet services. SBC worldwide Services, Inc. Was previously known as Ameritech details Systems, Inc. And readjusted its surname to SBC worldwide Services, Inc. In 2000. The agency was incorporated in1983 and also is based in Chicago, Illinois. SBC an international Services, Inc. Operates as a subsidiary that AT&T, Inc.

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The employee at SBC global Services come from unusually diverse demographic backgrounds. The firm is 41.0% female and also 37.1% country minorities. In spite of its diversity in other areas, SBC worldwide Services employees space noticeably doing not have in political diversity. The has an unusually high proportion of employees who space members the the Republican Party, in ~ 90.0%. Employees seem to enjoy working in one otherwise varied workplace that is overcame by members of the Republican Party. SBC global Services has good employee retention with staff members usually remaining with the firm for 3.7 years.
Based in the unified States, SBC worldwide Services is an market leader with 273,210 employees and also an yearly revenue of $170.8B.

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On average, employees at SBC worldwide Services continue to be with the company for 3.7 years. Employee most typically join SBC global Services after leaving Verizon Communications. As soon as they leave SBC worldwide Services, they most frequently get their next job at AT&T.
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Of the 273,210 employee at SBC an international Services, 16.7% attended university of Missouri - St Louis. Employees at SBC an international Services most typically majored in Business, and also most employees’ greatest level of education is a Bachelors.

SBC an international Services employees room most likely to be members of the Republican Party. The largest donation made come a politics party by one SBC worldwide Services employee was by George Paulson. George Paulson donated $2,500 to the Republican Party.

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