For a cheap situation its alright. Cable monitoring is atrocious, sustained fans aren"t the best, and the difficult drive sits best over the lamb which renders it supervisor annoying once installing or removing RAM however it was complimentary so whatever. Oh and also the power and card reader lights space insanely bright.

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I determined this case since it was one of the few that I can find without stupid jagged-edged designs or obnoxious LEDs. The reality that that was additionally the cheapest instance was just icing top top the cake.

The silver- trim is in reality darker and much more grey than it looks in the photos, and also the little strip towards the bottom that looks whitish is actually chrome. The lower piece that silver/grey trim has a corner that does just not desire to snap totally into place on mine, however it"s not as well noticeable so whatever.

My only gripe is that there isn"t a whole lot that room for cable management. I would definitely recommend a modular strength supply if you get a difficult on for pristine cable management.

I had minor challenges installing the motherboard as result of the tight fit. Also after removing the rear fan, the motherboard didn"t quite clear the HDD bays as soon as I was trying to placed it in place. It was a scary suffer as a first time builder, but there to be no evident damage come the motherboard and also everything seems to be functioning fine.


+Looks nice+Comes with fans included+Seems sturdy enough

-Pretty cramped, nowhere to support wires-Front panel is yes, really annoying to gain off


I got this for $15 consisting of mail in rebate. I couldn"t ask because that much much more in a case--it holds whatever in well, and ventilation is good. I obtained it mostly because it was the the smallest MicroATX I might find, add to the an excellent price through two fans included, and also a big plus to be NO LED FANS! It likewise didn"t have actually some ridiculously nerdy architecture that i didn"t require or want. The fans room pretty quiet and seem to get an excellent airflow. To run Ubuntu 16.04 with CPU (i3-6100 v stock fan) core temps just above 30C at light to center load.

Some others said they had actually sharp edges--I didn"t have any kind of problems with this. The is quiet sheet metal though, for this reason if you run your finger along an edge v some pressure, you"ll still probably obtain a cut. For this reason don"t execute that. Part people additionally complained about the plastic thumbscrews for the side panels. I uncovered them just fine, despite I"m sure if you were to walk at them choose the Hulk, you"d probably uncover them flimsy. For this reason don"t do that either.

Install drives first, climate PSU, then motherboard and also cables. Some things were a tight squeeze, particularly getting the ATX strength onto the MB (Gigabyte GS-B150M-DS3H) through the 3.5" drives getting in the way. I was able to tuck the PSU and case cables above the optical drive. The SATA and fan cables gained twist tied and nestled along the next of the case.

I take off one star because that three small nit-picky things. The front USB harbor seem rather flimsy--they have actually a decent amount of provide when inserting a USB an equipment into them. Also, i was a tiny disappointed v the 1/8th inch gap between the motherboard plate and motherboard--I would"ve preferred a little tighter fit. Lastly, the strength LED irradiate is blindingly bright. It lights up the totality room! I have actually flashlights that aren"t as bright together this thing! A little tape top top the front solves this problem.

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Came without any type of damage, 2 chassis pan included, no flimsy, large power button, pretty size, minimalistic. Wasn"t advertised, but it came with a 2.5" mounting point at the bottom the the case, for this reason that"s a plus. There room some major cons, though. One is that there is certain no cable management, therefore you have to stuff the cables in the 5.25" drive bay. Another is the the front dashboard cables additionally run v the 5.25" drive bay, which together way that it will be daunting to to the right in a decaying drive. Due to the fact that I don"t have actually this, this is not an problem for mine me. For the short cost, ns am satisfied through this case.

I got this instance for $22 at Newegg. No one should expect quality at this price, but the instance is a good value. That was exactly what I necessary for mine build.

The situation was additionally one i went ago and soon on. There are a good amount that microATX case choices in the low price selection but decided this one for a couple reasons. First it came with 2 pan preinstalled (120mm intake and also 80mm exaust) which do this case a great deal. Also the prior panel has actually cutouts for air come be traction in (check photos) uneven the rather which to be closed off (where is that pulling air from?). This instance is made from heavy material and didn"t feeling cheap to me in ~ all v no sharp edges or flimsy material. Ns was able to figure out part nice tricks to hide cables actually and did the ideal I could with cable management and also preventing them from blocking airflow. Over there was additionally a huge surprise once I gained the case, there to be a 2.5" drive mount at the bottom of the case!!! that doesn"t say anything about it top top the product summary page so i was pleasantly surprised i didn"t need to buy a converter because that the 3.5" bay. What a an excellent case for such a low price. Just con to be the ugly cables from the front headers, but there"s not home window so you don"t need to look in ~ them anyway!