Looking for an different to the clunkier, more heavier ductless mini split air conditioners out there? inspect out the RolliBot Mini Split, robust, and ultra-sleek, you’re not gonna desire to miss this one.


The ductless mini separation system of air conditioners provides an alternate option come ducted equipment that are quite an overwhelming and expensive to install. These equipment are made up of an the end condenser unit, and an indoor air handler, connected with wires and also refrigerant tubing. The lack of ducts median installation have the right to be carried out rather easily, however, in most cases, experienced installation is still definitely required. The being said, in the case of the RolliBot mini separation air conditioner, the manufacturer insurance claims that the is feasible to install this unit through yourself, however, we recommend consulting a professional regardless.

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RolliBot Mini separation Air Conditioner Review

The RolliBot mini split air conditioning system offers a an effective and convenient alternative to the heavier, clunkier mini splits on the market today. Unfortunately, ease of installation comes v a weaken in this case, as this unit ill immensely once it pertains to efficiency, an interpretation operation of the Rollibot mini split may end up being quite costly if you use your air air conditioning unit regularly.

Cooling Performance

The RolliBot Mini separation air conditioner place out up to 10,000 BTUs the cooling power, adequately servicing residential spaces of approximately 450 square feet. Additionally, this unit may also remove up to a staggering 4.8 pints the excess humidity from the air each hour. This permits the RolliBot Mini break-up to offer as an efficient multi-purpose device.

Efficiency & Certifications

Regarding this unit’s certifications, the RolliBot Mini Split, unfortunately, suffers as soon as it involves efficiency, scoring one of the shortest EER scores us have ever before come across at Air conditioners Rated, coming in in ~ 7.2, far listed below the industry average the 9.7. Once taking certifications right into account, this device comes UL-Listed, i m sorry declares this unit to have passed assessments carried out by the market renowned Underwriters Laboratories.


Fortunately, the RolliBot Mini split comes v a range of convenient features and functions, consisting of a dehumidify only mode for humidity removal, fan mode for waiting circulation, cooling setting for temperature regulation, and auto mode, which permits the device to automatically power on and also off depending on room temperature, which boosts convenience, and maintains a comfortable setting for you and your love ones. Additional enhancing the convenience of this unit is the wireless far control. However, users are not limit to just using the one wireless far control, as the RolliBot Mini break-up may also be issued regulates from her mobile device, via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection.


Benefitting indigenous a hyper dynamic filter i beg your pardon effectively removes harmful allergens and also airborne particulates, clean the air and also making it healthier for you and your loved ones to breathe. Through a sleek LED screen on the device, operation is do easy and also painless, when retaining a minimalist design, allowing the RolliBot Mini split to sit earlier comfortably into any modern contemporary living space. Further, v a high dehumidification capacity, buyers will certainly be happy to discover that this unit does support a drainage hose, permitting for consistent removal the moisture, without forcing the user to go to the problem of frequently emptying a water tank. Finally, weighing roughly 64lbs, this unit is fairly light compared to other mini split systems, v RolliBot claiming the their mini separation is conveniently installed, without the help of a experienced contractor.

Help & Support

This unit services from a 1-year minimal warranty coverage plan. For much more information regarding the terms and also conditions the this plan, us recommend contacting the manufacturer’s knowledgeable representatives straight through one of their customer business channels, which include live chat, telephone, and email.

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The RolliBot mini split air condioning system excels under the category of convenience and also design, however it suffers tremendously when it involves efficiency. With one of the shortest EERs we have actually come across to date, this unit will price noticeably more than the average modern day air air conditioning system. The being said, that isn’t all bad, together this unit likewise doubles together an effective dehumidifier and also fan. Additionally, through this system’s filtration system, the RolliBot mini break-up will have actually a positive impact on waiting quality. Thus, with all of these added benefits, the is understandable why over there is a fall in efficiency.