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Naofumi gains an additional cute addition to his party, Filo! This week’s illustration felt looser than the previous ones the were full of tension. This one was fun. Our shield hero is start to view that there are world who assistance him and also slowly Naofumi is letting his wall surfaces down.Japanese initial Title: フィーロ


Naofumi goes come visit the servant trader by Raphtalia’s inquiry to have actually her servant crest excellent again. The slaver trader tempts Naofumi come buy a Filolial egg, which has a high possibility to hatch a typical bird checked out throughout the kingdom. The egg hatches, Naofumi surname the bird Filo, i m sorry imprints on him in no time. If visiting Lute village which Naofumi conserved from the wave, Malty and also Motoyasu appear declaring Lute under their rule and hand out heavy taxes. A strange hooded group suddenly appears, moving a blog post for Princess Malty, that is abruptly disturbed by this message. Malty difficulties Naofumi to a gyeongju for the rein end Lute village.

Episode Highlights

Background Help: If the wasn’t obvious enough, we obtain to check out Malty’s mother, Queen Melromarc, at the beginning of the episode. The seems favor she support the shield hero, doesn’t it? her servants also intervene in Princess Malty’s plan to make Hero Motoyasu’s lord of Lute village. Wow, if the queen is really supporting the shield hero, oh my god things are just going come be much more interesting from now. I’m EXCITED!! Your Crotch Alright Mate? I was trying come come up because that air the moment Filo knocks the good-for-nothing Motoyasu in the crotch. Climate Naofumi and Filo are laughing together; ahh that was together a an excellent moment. Pretty to see Naofumi smiling more in this episode and also jerk Motoyasu shutting up because that once. Another Cutie Companion: If there ever before comes out a Filo or Raphtalia plush toy, you can TAKE mine MONEY THEN!!. Naofumi is a lucky dog gaining such cutie companions. The minute Filo’s egg hatches, it was prompt love. Then she turns into a girl and is also CUTER. This is no allowed. Ren and also Itsuki defend Again!?!: Just when an ext unfairness was wait for Naofumi, the king determined not to give the shield hero his prize money. Ren and also Itsuki concerned his defense again!. I was surprised because that the 2nd time. The pair don’t think in the unfair judgements that space being dished the end again Naofumi. I’m liking you males a bit more now!! A Revelation: All the aid and kindness provided to Naofumi carried him come a minute of pause. Top top receiving a Grimoire (spell book) and saying ‘Thank you’, Naofumi’s expression was a surprised one since I think that’s the first time he’s stated that to anyone since getting here in this parallel world. There are world who evaluate his efforts.

Themes and also Trivia

Traveling Merchant: While on the road Naofumi now have the right to run his own business many thanks to a sort Lute villager giving Naofumi a pass which permits him to check in to any kind of place without paying any type of toll.Gacha: This collection loves mentioning various common otaku recommendations such as Gachas (gashapon), playthings inside a capsule round you’ll find throughout Japan in vending machines and a system of lottery discovered in most smartphone games.


Another enjoyable illustration from this collection which i’m falling in love v as each week walk by. Once this collection comes out through a house release, I want it in mine collection. Points felt toned down this main while still being extensively entertaining and at the exact same time fun. Mine favorite component I have come say to be seeing a more relaxed Naofumi for the an initial time. Bad dude has had actually no breather since arriving in this world and also seeing him smile made me smile. Particularly Filo hitting it wherein it damages a man most, Motoyasu’s just coming dessert. Naofumi and also Filo have actually a chucked just had me balling my lung out. I don’t really require to establish the cuteness the is Filo. Concern is that is cuter now, Filo or Raphtalia? probably in a couple of episodes I’ll be able to answer this question! despite this concern is not the most necessary right now, because really: What room Melty’s mummy intentions together the queen for covertly helping the shield hero or intervening in ~ all? i’m dying come know since this only makes the plot thicken. So lot is transpiring appropriate now and also this collection just knows just how to leave me awed every episode.

Who’s Cuter, Filo Or Raphtalia?

The increasing Of The Shield Hero is slaying it appropriate now and also I only feel points will just end up being even an ext interesting together we progression along. I wonder what other cuties will sign up with Raphtalia and Naofumi. Leave a comment below on your thoughts for episode 5? check out our other Winter 2019 testimonial coverage!! see you following for an ext Shield Hero !! following Time: brand-new Comrade (新しい仲間))

The climbing of the Shield Hero

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