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The increasing Of The Shield Hero‘s existing entertaining streak is amazing to me. Every episode has been hard in part way and this week to be no different. As I anticipated from last week, we’re acquiring into the gritty of the plot now as the next wave is coming. Naofumi and the rather prepare because that the wave, and to Naofumi’s surprise, that gains brand-new party members. Ahh, the made me for this reason happy because that our hero; he is come therefore far.

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Japanese original Title: 混迷の中で


Melty, after ~ Naofumi rejected her request, is dubbed upon by she mother, queen that Melromarc, that tells Melty come warn she father that his treatment in the direction of the shield Hero. Naofumi and also the others prepare for the following wave as they are applicable come get class upgrades. But a royal proclamation forbids them indigenous doing so. Upon a visit come the servant trader, Naofumi is recommended to visit Shieldfreeden hourglass to get the group’s upgrades. Suddenly Naofumi runs into Itsuki and Ren, and tells castle of their careless actions after ~ they have left. Naofumi gains also brand-new party members prior to the following wave hits.

Episode Highlights

Imprisoned Queen: My early suspicions were shown at the beginning of this episode. Queen Melromarc walk not assistance the king and his unjust actions and tells Melty to send a warning to him. This will add an excellent entertainment come the plot and also I’m excited to watch this component unfold.

Royal Decree: The King and also Malty are avoiding at nothing to do things impossible for Naofumi once he wishes to have actually a class upgrade. I’ll be interested to find out their motives and also dislikeness for the shield hero. What is the background behind this society’s hatred for the shield hero?

Opening your Eyes: Naofumi conquered the whole conversation between him, Itsuki, and Ren, addressing the mess both had left behind and which Naofumi and also the others had to clean up. Nafoumi was harsh however rightly crucial for both heroes’ lack of reasoning ahead and also comprehension the the repercussions. Naofumi showed his maturity and also deep compassion for others.

Compassionate Hero: This illustration demonstrated beautiful Naofumi’s compassionate nature towards others, despite what has actually befallen him. His aiding those bad villagers and setup up one emergency shelter for them relocated me a lot. Naofumi’s selfless acts as these space what make me love his character so much. Naofumi makes the other heroes look absolutely pathetic and selfish.

Back Home: It cannot happen, Naofumi have the right to never go earlier home. It would certainly not simply break Raphtalia and Filo yet me too. The scene where Raphtalia expresses she sadness when she learns that Naofumi needs to return to his own civilization was sad. Ns don’t desire to think around this component of the plot yet.

More The Merrier: Naofumi proceeds to surprised me. A little group native Luxton wishes to sign up with him after conserving their village. He sent out the team to gather 150 coins together the only method he’ll allow them join. Again one more selfless moment below as the tiny group conference the money and also Naofumi tells them to spend it on themselves because that upgrades. He then will certainly let them join his group. This part of the episode made me happy and also concerned since Naofumi has an ext support, yet it bothers me that following wave is coming together they can lose people.

Themes and Trivia

Upgrades: payment a visit to the servant trader, Naofumi finds the end there other Dragon hourglasses throughout the floor in different countries where that can acquire his course upgrades through no problem.


We are ten illustration in now and also this collection is for this reason entertaining. Every episode has been therefore enjoyable and I haven’t seen a collection do this because that a long, lengthy time. The setup has actually been just been fantastic and i cannot wait to view what happens when this next wave comes. It provides me for this reason happy and nervous the Naofumi has actually gained new members but only leads me come assume the he’s going to shed someone. I really hope not yet it’s a possibility.

My favorite thing about this episode was that it demonstrated why Naofumi is this collection protagonist and also not any kind of of the various other heroes. Naofumi is complete of so much compassion for others and selfish acts because that those worse off than himself. Naofumi is what you speak to a real hero. Just see at the method he handle Itsuki’s and Ren’s blindness ideals the heroism and also the aftermath they left. It presented his higher level of maturity above the others and also sensible nature. Ahh, this to be the minute I had been wait for Naofumi and also it was done brilliantly. Itsuki and Ren room not the bad guys I believed they were, particularly after defending Naofumi twice, yet they had come to be blindsighted in your actions – see themselves together heroes or vigilantes.

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Doesn’t ache To present A tiny Compassion

Themes the compassion rang strong this episode and ns loved the so much. Wonder exactly how long it would certainly take because that the collection to emphasis on this component of Naofumi, because it was shown brilliantly. All these occasions in this episode, the following wave is coming, getting brand-new members. Will certainly everyone survive the second time round? who was the strange mrs at the end of the episode? much more questions heap on.

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