Season 6 of family member Race is off through a bang, as the groups gather in ~ Virginia global Raceway, all set to accomplish their relatives and also compete for $50,000.

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Did you know our podcast hosts had a possibility to interview Dan Debenahm! You can list to Geoff and also Al’s interview here.

Well, what room we wait for, let’s satisfy the teams!

Team Red

Hailing indigenous Randallstown, Maryland, comes Ray and also Nicole Campbell. This two have actually been married because that 10 years and also have 2 kids. They both occupational in the telecommunications industry. Ray is comes on this display to discover his family. That was embraced at 3-weeks old. His mother offered him increase for fostering while keeping his brother. Ray has wondered his whole life why, and also he is hope to find answers to the question.

Team Green

Bless her hearts! Chris and DeShae Pardon come from Ruston, Louisianna prepared to battle. They room hoping DeShae’s meticulous notes and planning will lug them with to the finale. DeShae is search her biological family, together she was put up for adoption at birth..

Team Blue

From Leland Carolina, come Paul and also Anitra Lewis, who are hoping to break the shedding streak the Team Blue. Anitra was given up for fostering at bear by her 16 year old mother. For plenty of years she didn’t recognize she was adopted, but at the age of 7, she learned the truth. Paul and Anitra space hoping to usage the money to embrace children.

Team Black

Draper Utah is the house of J. D. And also Jenn Barnes, who have actually been married because that a chuck 29 years. Lacrosse Coach J.D and also stay-at-home mom and grandma Jenn room hoping to find J.D’s organic father.

The Challenge

The groups were paired together in the job of rotating tires top top a formula one race car. It became quickly obvious that some teams were far better with the wheel guns, or recognizing the the wheel nuts to be on backwards. Now for referral a usual pit crew consists of around 20 people. 3 civilization per wheel, 2 jack operators and a handful of mechanics. They can achieve a pit stop in 2 seconds. See the video below because that reference.

Our groups weren’t rather that fast, yet they did their best. As soon as they room rotated the tires of your cars, castle drove 2 laps roughly the track. Green and Black to be the an initial out gate, if Red and Blue struggled with the wheel nuts.

The Results

1. Team Blue

In Washington D.C. Anitra meets her cousin Andre, who just so happens to it is in their household historian. Andre is able to show Anitra several of the images of your ancestors and the 1-room school residence they were integral in creating. Through Anitra gift an English Professor, she instantly feels a link to her ancestors.

2. Team Green

Over in Charlotte, north Carolina, DeShae finds her first cousins Jazzmyn and also Tori on she father’s side. Regrettably they were unaware the DeShae since they lost contact with their father’s next of the family after his death. DeShae however does get to watch a snapshot of she grandparents for the very first time.

3. Team Red

Ray and Nicole find themselves in Graham, phibìc Carolina whereby they meet Ray’s cousin Isabelle and her family. This is probably one of the many emotional reunions of the night, as Ray breaks down in Isabelle’s arms. While castle didn’t have any type of direct answers because that him about his parents, his family members has produced a empty family tree for him to fill in as he continues his journey on family member Race

4. Team Black

Plagued by no being may be to uncover their relatives street, J.D and Jenn come in last place for the day, yet they didn’t lose in the family department. J.D is may be to fulfill his very first cousin ~ above his father’s side, Lisa. That learns the his household didn’t know around him, and he also learns the regrettably news that his dad passed far at 32, more than likely never learning anything about J.D. Either. Regardless of the strike, it showed up to lug a tiny bit the closure to some of J.D’s questions.

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At the end of job 1 that is precious noting the the Team’s seem really supportive of every other. I’ve noticed this end the last numerous seasons and I appreciate it. Sure it is a game, however at the finish of the job it’s around reconnecting with family, and also they all appear genuinely excited when someone on one more team associate to your past.