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Chapter 1I loved new York with the type of mad enthusiasm I booked for only one various other thing in my life.The city to be a microcosm of brand-new world opportunities and old civilization traditions.Conservatives rubbed shoulders through bohemians.Oddities coexisted through priceless rarities.The pulsing energy of the city sustained international business bloodlines and also drew people from everywhere the world.And the embodiment that all the vibrancy, steering ambition, and world- renowned power had just screwed me to 2 toe-curlingly amazing orgasms.As i padded over to his enormous walk-in closet, i glanced in ~ Gideon Cross's sex-rumpled bed and shivered through remembered pleasure.My hair to be still damp from a shower, and also the towel wrapped roughly me to be my only article of clothing.I had actually an hour and also a half before I had actually to be at work, which was cutting that a tiny too close because that comfort.Obviously, i was going to have to allot time in mine morning regime for sex, otherwise I'd constantly be scrambling.Gideon wake up up all set to overcome the world, and he preferred to start that domination with me.How happy was I? due to the fact that it to be sliding into July in brand-new York and also the temperature was heater up, I made decision a slim pair of pressed natural-linen slacks and also a sleeveless poplin covering in a soft gray that matched my eyes.Since I had actually no hairstyling talent, ns pulled my lengthy blond hair earlier in a straightforward ponytail, then consisted of my face.When i was presentable, i left the bedroom.I heard Gideon's voice the moment I stepped right into the hallway.A tiny shiver moved through me once I realized he to be angry, his voice low and also clipped.He didn't rile easily.unless he was ticked off through me.I could get him to raise his voice and curse, even shove his hands with his glorious shoulder-length mane of inky black color hair.For the most part, though, Gideon to be a testimony to leashed power.There to be no require for him come shout once he could get human being to quake in their shoes with simply a look or a tersely spoken word.I uncovered him in his home office.He stood through his earlier to the door and a Bluetooth receiver in his ear.His arms to be crossed and he to be staring out the windows of his 5th Avenue penthouse apartment, offering the impression of a very solitary man, an individual that was separate from the world roughly him, yet entirely capable of ruling it.Leaning right into the doorjamb, ns drank that in.I was certain my view of the skyline was an ext awe-inspiring than his.My vantage point included him superimposed end those towering skyscrapers, an equally powerful and exceptional presence.He'd finished his shower prior to I managed to crawl out of bed.His seriously addictive body was currently dressed in 2 pieces of one expensively tailored three-piece suit - one admitted hot button of mine.The rear view of the showcased a perfect ass and a an effective back encased in a vest.On the wall was a substantial collage of image of us as a pair and one very intimate one the he'd bring away of me while ns was sleeping.Most were images taken by the paparazzi who complied with his every move.He was Gideon Cross, of cross Industries, and also at the ridiculous age of twenty-eight, the was among the optimal twenty-five richest human being in the world.I to be pretty certain he owned a significant chunk the Manhattan; i was positive he to be the hottest man on the planet.And he retained photos that me all over he worked, together if I can possibly it is in as fun to watch at as he was.He turned, pivoting gracefully to catch me v his icy blue gaze.Of course he'd recognized I to be there, watching him.There to be a crackling in the air when we were close to each other, a sense of anticipation like the coiled silence prior to the eight of thunder.He'd probably deliberately waited a beat prior to facing me, providing me the opportunity to examine him out because he knew ns loved come look in ~ him.Dark and also Dangerous.And all mine.God .I never gained used to the affect of the face.Those sculpted cheekbones and also dark winged brows, the thickly lashed blue eyes, and also those lips .perfectly etched to be both sensual and wicked.I loved as soon as they smiled with sex-related invitation, and also I shivered as soon as they thinned into a stern line.And as soon as he pressed those lips to mine body, I burned for him.Jeez, hear to yourself.My mouth curved, remembering just how annoyed I provided to get at pals who waxed poetic about their boyfriends' great looks.But right here I was, continuous awed by the gorgeousness that the complicated, frustrating, messed-up, sexy-as-sin guy I to be falling depth in love with every day.As we stared at each other, his scowl didn't lessen, nor did he stop speaking come the poor soul top top the receiving end of his call, yet his rigid warmed indigenous its chilly irritation come scorching heat.I should've become used come the adjust that come over him as soon as he looked in ~ me, but it tho hit me through a force strong enough to absent me on my feet.That look at conveyed how hard and also deep he want to fuck me - which he did every possibility he gained - and it also afforded me a glimpse the his raw, unrelenting force of will.A main point of strength and command significant everything Gideon did in life."See you at eight top top Saturday," that finished, prior to yanking off the earpiece and also tossing that on his desk."Come here, Eva."Another shiver slid with me in ~ the means he said my name, through the same authoritative bite he used when he claimed Come, Eva, while ns was in ~ him .filled through him .desperate to orgasm for the ."No time for that, ace."I backed right into the hallway, due to the fact that I to be weak whereby he was concerned.The soft rasp in his smooth, cultured voice was nearly capable of making me orgasm just listening to it.And at any time he touched me, i caved.I hurried come the kitchen to make united state some coffee.He muttered miscellaneous under his breath and followed me out, his lengthy stride quickly gaining on mine.I uncovered myself pinned come the hallway wall surface by six feet, two inches that hard, hot male."You know what happens as soon as you run, angel."Gideon nipped my lower lip v his teeth and also then soothed the sting v the caress that his tongue."I catch you."Inside me, something sighed with happy surrender and also my human body went lax with pleasure at gift pressed for this reason close to his.I craved the constantly, so deep it was a physics ache.What i felt was lust, however it was additionally so much more.Something for this reason precious and profound that Gideon's lust because that me wasn't the trigger it would've to be with another man.If everyone else had actually attempted come subdue me with the load of his body, ns would've freaked out.But it had never to be an problem with Gideon.He knew what ns needed and how lot I can take.The suddenly flash that his grin stopped my heart.Confronted through that breathtaking confront framed by the lustrous dark hair, ns felt my knees weaken just a little.He was so polished and urbane other than for the decadent size of those soft strands.He nuzzled his nose against mine."You can't laugh at me like that, then walk away.Tell me what you were thinking about when ns was top top the phone."My lips twisted wryly."How gorgeous friend are.It's sickening how often I think about that.I need to acquire over the already."He cupped the back of my thigh and urged me tighter versus him, teasing me with an skilled roll of his hips against mine.He to be outrageously gifted in bed.And that knew it."Damned if I'll let you.""Oh?" warmth slid sinuously through my veins, mine body as well greedy for the feel of his."You can't phone call me girlfriend want an additional starry-eyed mrs hanging ~ above you, Mr.Hates-Exaggerated- Expectations.""What i want," the purred, cupping mine jaw and rubbing my bottom lip with the pad that his thumb, "is friend being as well busy thinking about me to think around anyone else."I pulled in a slow and also shaky breath.I was completely seduced by the smoldering watch in his eyes, the provocative ton of his voice, the warm of his body, and the mouthwatering scent of his skin.He to be my drug, and also I had no desire to kick the habit."Gideon," i breathed, entranced.With a soft groan, the sealed his chiseled mouth end mine, stealing far thoughts that what time the was v a lush, deep kiss .a kiss that virtually succeeded in distracting me from seeing the insecurity he'd just revealed.I pushed my fingers right into his hair to host him still and also kissed that back, mine tongue sliding along his, stroking.We'd to be a pair for such a short period of time.Less 보다 a month.Worse, no of us knew exactly how to have actually a relationship favor the one us were attempting to build - a relationship in which we refused to pretend us weren't both serious broken.His arms banded roughly me and also tightened possessively."I want to spend the weekend v you under in the Florida keys - naked.""Umm, sounds nice."More than nice.As big of a kick together I obtained out that Gideon in a three-piece suit, ns much preferred him stripped to the skin.I avoided discussing that i wouldn't be obtainable this weekend ."Now I've got to invest the weekend taking care of business," he muttered, his lips moving against mine."Business you put off come be with me?" He'd been leaving work beforehand to invest time with me, and also I knew that had to be costing him.My mom was top top her 3rd marriage, and every one of her spouses to be successful, wealthy moguls the one sort or another.I knew the price because that ambition was very late hours."I salary other human being a generosity salary for this reason I can be v you."Nice dodge, but noting the speed of irritation in his gaze, ns distracted him."Thank you.Let's obtain some coffee prior to we operation out that time."Gideon stroked his tongue along my bottom lip, then released me."I'd prefer to get off the floor by eight morning night.Pack cool and light.Arizona's obtained dry heat.""What?" i blinked at his retreating earlier as that disappeared into his office.