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Title claims it every basically.I applied for a BT on my QS card. I"ve excellent like maybe 4 of these over the last couple of years or therefore on my 3 lid 1 cards. Always paid em turn off NP. Never late. Excellent all at once credit. Simply shifting about some debt to take advantage of part BT"s on mine cards.I"ve maxed out my cards v Cap prior to with BT"s. But this time for some reason soon after ns did a BT, my card claims this...This account is currently restricted. (Ref. No. 10016.8040)So what gives? This taken place 2 work ago.Thanks.

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Re: BT ~ above my cap 1 card, now my account is restricted.
What were the regards to the BT you selected? to be it one with a fees or one v no fee and also same together apr?
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Re: BT ~ above my lid 1 card, currently my account is restricted.
It might be the the Fraud/Security department demands to confirm that friend initiated the balance transfer. Chat through customer service or call to confirm.
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Re: BT top top my cap 1 card, currently my account is restricted.
Call them. Lock probably just need come verify you. Let united state know how it goes...
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Re: BT ~ above my lid 1 card, currently my account is restricted.
Yup, that"s every it was. Simply wanted come make certain it was me the initiated the BT.Thanks guys!

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Re: BT on my lid 1 card, now my account is restricted.
I usually obtain an e-mail about account constraints pretty quickly. Because the e-mail includes some sort of explanation, that removes the freak-out aspect of logging in and seeing the minimal label on my account.As the OP experienced, it normally doesn"t take much to gain the restriction lifted. If there"s actual fraud, that becomes an ext involved as you"ll obtain a brand-new card, reimbursements, etc. But the restriction will still it is in lifted quickly, and you"ll have restricted use that the card till its instead of arrives.
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