TypeReleasedRYM RatingRanked genres
ArtistReel large Fish
13 respectable 1996
3.31 / 5.00.5 from 945 ratings
#891 because that 1996

humorous, sarcastic, playful, energetic, vulgar, hateful, self-hatred, bittersweet, angry, LGBT, love, alcohol


Reel big Fish at their peak. I don't actually understand if this is true, but I'm no really walking to be bothered in detect out.

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Jedrapes Aug 27 2020 2.50 stars
fun tiny album, good enough lyrics, fine mixing, overall a completely average album aside from the production and song structures, which space good.it suffers from the worry of being really samey though.
christie_rd Jun 19 2019 ▼ 3.00 stars
ns feel prefer if RBF would've reduced out a bunch of the weaker songs on this record then they'd be left through a solid and amazing record. Sell OutandBeer are the two best songs on this record and also are just amazing in general. She has actually a girl friend Nowis good and nobody deserve to tell me otherwise. Trendyis fun but could it is in better.If the Fish would've simply stopped in ~ S.R and closed the album with different Baby climate I'd rate this album 4.0 or maybe even 4.5. I'm leaving it with a 3.5 since of songs gift left on right here like Nothin', Skatanic, to speak "Ten", and also All I desire Is More.+ Beer, sell Out, She has a girl friend Now, every little thing Sucks- Nothin', say "Ten", Skatanic, every I desire Is More, I'll never Be
I've gone from loving this album together a teenager to hating the in mine 20's to now, in my so late 30's, reasoning it's simply OK. I enjoy an excellent ska punk and also there is a an excellent ska punk album come be discovered here if just some the the fat was trimmed off. I'm that the opinion that most ska and punk albums shouldn't be really long - there typically isn't sufficient diversity the sound to make these albums terribly amazing past the 40 minute mark. Rotate the Radio Off is too long and it doesn't help that the album feels really front loaded. I may revisit this when in a while yet probably not much more than that.
I’m not a substantial fan of Reel huge Fish, but they do have some an excellent songs. Their ska-punk format is good to listen throughout the summer time, and is an extremely fun and upbeat. I think ‘Turn The Radio Off’ is among their more powerful albums and there’s just a couple of disappointing tracks in the direction of the end. Over fifty percent of the songs space re-recorded execution of songs from their first album ‘Everything Sucks’. This album likewise contains the standards “Beer”, and also “Sell Out” i beg your pardon were really popular.
The fourteen year old me, that would blast this album front-to-back on mine Sony walkman when incessantly play Super Monkey round 2 and stuffing my challenge with Ritz peanut butter crackers, would probably give this a 5/5.To one extent, the deserves the rating because never would certainly I endure a transcendent music experience choose that again.
not a bad ska album, nor is that Madness. Didn't attention me enough to hold onto it, so we parted.

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performance credits no availableproduction credits not availableno longer in my collectionhighs and also lows - i don't rememberlike this, go for: ns don't remember it well sufficient to tell youpromotional copy acquired some time in 1996 at Blockbuster Music, Rocky mountain NCsold for $2.75 06 June 2003 on eBay
A really joyous and also humouristic album i m sorry mixes ska, punk and also pop quite well, with additionally having the occasionall much more rockinfluenced moments. Really melodic music, i m sorry is strictly played and quite much glimpse in the eye humour with the lyrics. The selection isn't the biggest, but the album tho manages to it is in a solid and also highly listenable one. I favored this earlier in the day, and also still this album is a good recipe because that a an excellent mood. I seem to have actually lost the original CD over the years though, for this reason a brand-new one is needed...