You're walk to have a challenging time tracking down the legendary buck in Red Dead Redemption 2, but this guide will present you how to do simply that.

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You"re walking to desire to be careful when tracking under the legendary buck the Red Dead Redemption 2, together it"ll scatter in ~ the first sign the danger. In our Red Dead Redemption 2 legendary buck guide, we"ll be compiling all the details you need to know about the rarely creature prior to you head off to discover it in the wilderness.

But if you instead need any added information relating to Rockstar’s wild west prequel, you deserve to head over to our Red Dead Redemption 2 travel guide hub. It’s below that friend can discover our finish beginner’s guide to the game, perform of vital tips and also tricks, and also much more.

Red Dead Redemption 2 legendary Buck Location

To begin with, you’re walk to want to head far northwest that Strawberry to discover the legendary buck in Red Dead Redemption 2. The creature deserve to be found west of mount Shann, and also east of the single Trapper in the region.


You’ll know you’re in the ideal area to hunt the legend buck as soon as a authorize pops increase in the height left edge of her screen, informing you that you’ve “entered legendary pet territory.” Now, press both the left and also right analog sticks to carry up Arthur’s ‘detective’ vision that sorts, which lets him scan the setting for animal clues, which come in the kind of light emitting native the ground.


Approach any of these points and hold Y/Triangle to study the clue, be it dung, fur, or hoof prints. You’ll currently see a faint yellow trail to adjust out prior to you, leading you in the basic direction of the legendary buck. Once you come across the creature, remember to kill it quickly prior to it deserve to scamper, so usage Dead Eye to take it down quickly (you can damages the pelt of a legendary pet with too much force).

Once the legend buck has actually been slain, popular music the carcass top top the earlier of her horse, and also take it come the Trapper just to the west. At the Trapper, you have the right to sell the carcass of the legend buck for $31. Currently that you’ve marketed the carcass to the Trapper, they’ll have the ability to use it for crafting the complying with items:

Legendary Buck & Fox range Gloves - costs $28, calls for one legend fox pelt.Legendary Buck Vest - costs $26, requires one perfect lamb pelt.

And with that, you have all the details you need to track down and also hunt the legend buck in Red Dead Redemption 2. Now that we’re all done with this guide, you deserve to head over to our Red Dead Redemption 2 legendary animals guide, or our Red Dead Redemption 2 legendary wolf guide.

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