If you’ve ever before seen elves or dark elves in Japanese video clip games, anime, or manga, yes a great chance their designs attracted inspiration from arts by Yutaka Izubuchi that did illustration occupational on Record that Lodoss War.

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Yutaka Izubuchi newly got along with Shigenori Soejima, best known together Atlus’ personality designer and also art manager of the Persona series, come talk about fantasy arts in one interview with DenFamiNicoGamer.

The above video shows bits of the interview between the 2 artists.


Izubuchi is mostly known for his mecha style work in collection such as Mobile suit Gundam and Patlabor, however he’s additionally had a re-superstructure of prominent fantasy artwork in Record of Lodoss War. Shigenori Soejima has been busy tackling character designs because that upcoming traditional fantasy RPG Project Re Fantasy, which was an initial introduced through an illustration of a red-haired elf , and the 2 artists acquired together for a current chat come talk about elves.

Shigenori Soejima, Persona series personality designer: This might be completely irrelevant, but I’m deeply moved to have the ability to meet you below today, Izubuchi-san.

Yutaka Izubuchi, Record that Lodoss battle illustrator: ns don’t know what you’re talk about, please avoid .

Soejima: It’s true. When I’m asked i beg your pardon Mobile fit is my favorite, I constantly immediately prize Kämpfer (From Mobile fit Gundam 0080: war in the Pocket, designed by Yutaka Izubuchi). I have actually a version of Kämpfer that isn’t make yet, and I actually lugged it below today in wishes of obtaining an autograph native you.

When talking around my generation, once you think the elves Deedlit concerns mind, when you think that a dwarves you think Ghim, that’s kind of just how it is.

Izubuchi: I’m frequently told that. They call me “It’s her fault that elves have long ears!” .


Deedlit from document of the Lodoss War v her iconic long ears.

Soejima: You’re probably asked this all the time, but what’s the true story behind that?

Izubuchi: The an initial time who told me that, ns was like “Huh, really?” In mine mind, elves have long ears favor that—that’s simply the way it’s inputted in me for some reason. What do me take an alert of this later is Kira, the heroine native The Dark Crystal. Her ears are pretty long like that.


Kira native The Dark Crystal

Soejima: Right, she’s like an Elf with lengthy ears choose Captain Spock.

Izubuchi: Kira is indigenous a race dubbed the Gelfling. Gelfling basically originates from putting a “G” before “elf, so I think the film staff pictured her together an elf.

So that not favor I made Deedlit and thought come myself “I just produced a new image of one elf!” or anything like that, ns just attracted her based upon what I thought an elf would generally look like.

Although it might’ve been character designer Nobuteru Yuuki who extended out the ear longer…

<Nobuteru Yuuki, operated as personality designer and also animation manager on the record of Lodoss War’s anime, well-known for character designs for assorted works such together The Vision that Escaflowne, an are Battleship Yamato 2199, and also more.>

Izubuchi: Also, in the second fifty percent of Lodoss, we start getting into dark elves, right? There was a mrs character named Pirotess, that didn’t begin out in Mizuno-kun’s novel. She very first appeared in the anime.

When the anime was getting much more into its original story in ~ the time, I had a feeling that Yuuki-kun was obtaining lonely with just a couple of female characters.

Besides, the personalities I draw don’t have huge breasts and they’re no curvy, there aren’t many so-called “nice body” types.

However, due to the fact that Yuuki-kun is an excellent with those, I assumed it could liven points up for him by having actually such a character appear in the anime. From there I drew a unstable draft the Pirotess climate presented it to the director and scriptwriter, and also they claimed “Let’s placed her in.”


Deedlit (left) and Pirotess (right)

Izubuchi: Blue skin would carry out more of a night elf feeling, and also it provides them much less like dark elves and too similar to a demon, so I made decision to go through brown skin and also white-ish hair.

Then after ~ that, every the dark elves that showed up in other works began coming the end the same method .

Soejima: You yes, really don’t gain the option to also go through blue skin because that dark elves these days.

Izubuchi: We periodically see lock yet they mostly have actually brown skin. And I’m sorry, the might also be mine fault as well .

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Project Re Fantasy is currently in development. That is platform(s) still stay unknown. Friend can check out more of that is artwork here and a principle trailer here.