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Read what customers room saying about the Luminous 3 Minute Peel:

The peel is a “Protein Peel”. spread out the peel an extremely thinly end the skin using damp hands. Peel the upper half of the confront (nose, undereye, forehead, eyebrow, temples). Finish this process entirely, and then begin again and also peel the bottom half of the challenge (cheeks, jowl, neck, jawline). Massage gently over the skin in a circular motion, using a tiny water on your hand come activate properly. In ~ 15-20 seconds, you will certainly feel new tiny solids under your fingertips. These new solids are the combination of the product and the protein on the surface of your skin (dead cells!). Continue this massaging motion throughout the body area you are treating for about 2 minutes till all the product has actually converted to skin/product “bits”.Pro tip: Dark under-eye one are frequently dead skin, which absorbs light, making the area appear darker. Peel this area gently using the product on her ring fingers and also watch the darkness disappear!

Real Chemistry has actually learned a lot due to the fact that our re-launch in June 2014. End 100,000 evaluate on have actually been really illuminating and one thing we learned was the our directions for exactly how to usage this brand-new category of peel can be clearer.

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The peel was originally tested in 2011-2012 in fairly humid areas (Florida, Georgia, The Carolinas, and Tennessee) and also this testing setting did not enable for far-reaching climate variance so it appears we to let go something. We uncovered when us launched and began reviewing consumer feedback, part consumers were enduring performance issues with the product if the peel was allowed to dry completely. If it is enabled to dry fully on the skin, it will certainly not activate correctly. This revised directions must be helpful.


Cleanse skin and also leave contempt damp. Spread out gel thinly and also quickly over her forehead, cheeks, chin, neck, and also decollete. Quickly start massaging these areas in a circular motion with slightly wet hands utilizing light come moderate pressure. After ~ 15-20 seconds, solids should form under the fingertips. This means the peel is activating correctly as the gelatin is now combining v your dead skin (proteins). Massage because that 2-3 minute or until all of the gelatin has merged with dead skin. Cleanse area again. To conserve time, try using the peel in the shower! simply pat your face and also hands greatly dry and the use the peel as directed. ~ above completion, turn earlier to the shower head come rinse. The water press will also assist with removal of the small solids native fine facial hair.

An massive amount of tissue is removed during this process, and you might consider applying your peel when showering. Simply hang a towel end the shower head door, play the face dry after ~ cleansing, apply and also utilize the peel and also watch your dead tissue fall away and into the floor that the shower. Upon completion, turn ago to the water and also cleanse the area again come ensure its finish removal.

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The luxurious pump-cap tube includes 50ml or 1.7 ounces. The materials will peel the face and also neck approximately 15 times. Offered weekly, the peel will certainly last about 3 months. Various skin problems dictate various regimens, however, and this will affect how long the product lasts. Pipe life likewise depends upon just how much is used throughout each peel and how many locations are peeled.

Here is one idea of exactly how long the peel might last in your situation:

Ingrown hair (face, bikini): everyday right before shaving (small amount, little area)

Tube life: ~4-5 weeks

Acne: Peel 2-3 times per week

Tube life: ~ 6 weeks

Hyperpigmentation: Peel 1-2 times per week

Tube life: ~7 weeks

Rosacea: Peel 1 time per week

Tube life: ~ 12-15 weeks

Dry Skin: Peel 1 time every week

Tube life: ~12-15 weeks

Oily Skin: Peel twice per week

Tube life: ~6-7 weeks

Sensitive Skin: Peel as soon as every 10 days

Tube life: ~ 4-5 months

If girlfriend have any kind of questions around the regimen that is ideal for your or around how to finest utilize the product, you re welcome don’t hesitation to contact us. Us are right here to help!