by Raymond Franz (with topical and Scriptural indexes),420 pages, PDF format. DOWNLOAD PDF HERE

A previous member the the Governing human body of Jehovah’s Witnesses provides a unique insight right into the authority structure of that religion. The book enables the reader a see of the decision-making sessions of a religion’s inner council, and also the powerful, sometimes dramatic, affect their decisions have actually on people’s lives. Although originally written in 1983, the publication reveals a distinctive and basic pattern, a pattern which, together the updated details in this new edition shows, proceeds essentially unchanged. Fairly than to reduce the book’s relevancy, the passage of time serves to manifest the validity of the evidence offered and the currency of the issues and principles involved.

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In find of Christian Freedom

(Second edition, Revised and also Updated – 2007)

by Raymond Franz, 736 pages, PDF format.DOWNLOAD PDF HERE

Freedom is an important to real Christianity. Just how erosion of Christian freedom began in the at an early stage centuries, just how it can and also does take place today, and the way for resisting the intrusion of personal conscience and thought; a sequel to situation of Conscience. Discusses teachings of business loyalty, door-to-door activity, disfellowshipping, blood, and also many others.

The Gentile time Reconsidered


(Fourth edition, Revised and also Expanded – 2004)

by Carl Olof Jonsson, 390 pages, PDF format.(No longer easily accessible due to inquiry from brand-new publisher. Available for purchase soon here)

The idea the the “Gentile Times” referred to at Luke 21:24 kind a duration of 2,520 years has led to speculation and also disappointment among many who intended Christ’s return throughout the past two centuries. Just how did this id originate and develop? This book presents the historic evidence, in addition to a remarkably considerable study of old Assyrian and also Babylonian records which date the devastation of Jerusalem by Babylonian conqueror Nebuchadnezzar, and an enlightening research of the Biblical prophecies concerning the “70 years” that Babylonian supremacy of Judah.

The sign of the critical Days – When?


(First edition, 1987)

by Carl Olof Jonsson & Wolfgang Herbst,390 pages, PDF format.

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Is Christ’s return figured out by unprecedented war, famine, pestilence, earthquakes, crime and also other calamities? proof that this claim is based upon a misunderstanding the Christ’s own words; attach by historical facts demonstrating how surprisingly small the 20th century has differed in these areas from past centuries.