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absent n roll Raleigh Marathon Raleigh, NC
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gyeongju Dates2021: TBD2020: TBDCourse InformationProfile: HillyType: Loop Surface: Road/PavementCertified?: YesRace day WeatherMean Temp.: 60°F (15°C) typical High: 72°F (22°C)Average Low: 47° F (8°C)&year="> historic Race job Weather
PR Score & course ScorePR Score: 96.21 course Score: 96.35 gyeongju Size2021: No Results2020: No Results2019: No Results2018: No Results2017: 805 Finishers2016: 963 FinishersBQ Percentages2021: N/A2020: N/A2019: N/A2018: N/A2017: 5.2%2016: 5.5%2015: 2.9%Miscellaneous InformationPace Groups?: yes

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Course Description

**There will certainly not it is in a 2018 rock "n" roll Raleigh Marathon**The brand-new Rock "n" role Raleigh Marathon food travels with downtown Raleigh, through the campuses that Meredith College and also North Carolina State University, and also by scenic Lake Johnson. The course changes occur after ~ leaving the Lake Johnson area.The food is hilly and will administer a challenge to everyone looking come PR or qualify because that the Boston Marathon.

Marathon RankingsRankings will be provided for 2021 at the end of the year.Its course Score the 96.35 ranks it as the th more quickly marathon food in the U.S. And also the th fastest course in north Carolina.The usual race time temperature and also humidity levels are slightly over the ideal selection for optimal marathon performance. This, coupled v the food Score, gives the rock n roll Raleigh Marathon a PR Score the 96.21. This PR Score ranks it as the th more quickly marathon in the U.S. And the th faster in north Carolina.Learn more about PR Scores and also Course Scores on the FAQ page.
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Max Elevation: 472 feet (143m)Min Elevation: 244 feet (74m)

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Hotel & VRBO AccommodationsView accessible accomodations around the absent n role Raleigh Marathon finish Line and also book her Reservation now prior to the ideal places are offered out.