The closing track of the album, “Villains of Circumstance” to be actually composed years before its release, together it has actually been performed as far ago as 2014. The tune is a lengthy slow… check out More 
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I miss out on you now, what's come end me?We're hostages of geographyThe wait is long and heavy tooDespite what you're accustomed toI understand that life move on, that's what scares me soHave no intentions the letting goOnly us, no one in the worldOnly us, no one in the worldI better do something, relocate earth and also skyAnd patiently, sweetly, with all of my mightI sing just for youTo the to win of my footsteps in the nightClose her eyes and also dream me homeForever mine, I'll be forever yoursAlways, evermore, and on and onAlways, evermore, and also on and also onAlways, evermore, and also on and also onAlways, evermoreThere's no magic bullet, no cure because that painWhat's excellent is done until you do it againLife in pursuit of a nameless preyI've been so close, I'm so much awayIt's so tough to explain, so basic to feelI require you now, naught is realSave me native the villains the circumstanceBefore I shed my place
Close your eyes and dream me homeForever mine, I'll it is in forever yoursI'll be forever yoursI'll it is in forever yoursAlways, evermore, and also on and also onAlways, evermore, and also on and also onAlways, evermore, and also on and also onAlways, evermore
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The closing monitor of the album, “Villains that Circumstance” was actually written years before its release, together it has actually been performed together far ago as 2014. The tune is a long slow paced ballad akin come “The Vampyre of Time and Memory” turn off the previous album …Like Clockwork, back VoC features an uptempo and also uplifting chorus.

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The imagery drawn by Boneface because that the song features a severed hand, its number melting into dripping wax as the flames flicker whereby the nails once were, through red string wrapped approximately the index and pinkie fingers forming a ‘V’ end the peak of the wrist. Starting with the hand itself: this can be what is well-known as a Hand the Glory, the dried and also pickled hand that a hanged guy (indeed a “villain”), generally the left hand (as depicted) that once prepared properly and lighted, would render those to who it was presented motionless or frozen. The red string can be representative that the red subject of fate, one Eastern eastern belief acquired from legend, the in part myths depicts a red string tied around the pinkie or tiny finger that binding those who are destined to accomplish and/or assist each other.

Taking this right into context that the lyrics and what Josh has actually said in interviews about the tune being composed as a legacy as well as for his children, it’s simple to analyze that the candle-like hand is a irradiate in the darkness guiding his loved ones to this moment in time as soon as he recorded a post of love, the red string binding them throughout the (physical and metaphorical) street that off them.

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A teaser video featuring parts of the song was exit by the tape on respectable 14th 2017.