What's the problem?the video game actually has the red dot unlike the n64 version yet I can't submit images to be rated by prof oak even though I can see lock on the screen. I've make the efforts every video setting I can think of.

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Dolphin version v the trouble (as it shows up in the title bar, Ex.: "R4779" or "R 6403M"):Dolphin-x64-r6758

(optional) Dolphin variation that does not have the problem:

Operating system and version:32-bit or 64-bit:win 7 residence premium x64Game id (as it shows up in game properties, Ex.: "GZ2P01" or "RSBE01"): NAKEBuild command-line (not ~ above Windows):

Was the ISO a level dump from disc, compressed and/or scrubbed?

Please administer any extr information below.

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Enable CPU accessibility to EFB? i dunno, this is an interesting one, PJ64 doesn't even do and also that. If you can bear tremendous slowness for a while, deserve to you check out if it functions in interpreter mode? Starred.

I'm sure Jabo and also Zilmar have actually their reasons, but things favor this just go to display the noticeable benefits of an open source emulator.

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This sounds prefer the same form of problem as in ZWW v accepting the pictograph photo's. Try enabling Copy EFB to lamb if friend haven't tried that yet.

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copy EFB to ram was already on and my system can't take care of interpreter mode even though I have a 6mb main point 2 duo processor. I only have actually an intel gma4500HD video card and 4 gigs of ram on mine laptop. It's tough to believe that i'm having a more difficult time play an n64 video game than I do ps2 and also dreamcast games.

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One, Interpreter is never meant to it is in fast, it's just for trial and error to watch if it functions in interpreter or not, if that DOES work in interpreter, that have the right to narrow it down for the developers. If you really REALLY desire to play a Nintendo 64 game, friend should more than likely play it in a Nintendo 64 emulator. No a Gamecube emulator emulating a Nintendo 64.

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Same below with SSBB custom stage previews, however ONLY if the stage was created in Dolphin. The stages the come through the game and also stages produced on a actual Wii both work fine.

After waiting 4 hrs to with the finish of the very first level, this problem still exists as soon as ran v the interpreter.

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This video game was never ever fixed in any type of n64 emulators therefore it'd it is in nice to check out it working v dolphin. The n64 emulators had the same trouble in no being may be to choose pictures, but they got roughly it v a cheat code you might enter the would deal with it. The n64 versions had other troubles that dolphin doesn't seem to have though.