Next year"s Prince william County Schools" calendar will include a two-week winter holidays for students and also teachers and will turn the Columbus work teacher workday right into a divisionwide expert learning day. 

The manager of the Office of Accountability, Jennifer Coyne Cassata, presented the new calendar to the college Board at their Dec. 4 meeting.

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According come Cassata, the calendar was created by a citizens representative committee that consisted of parents, students, teachers, principals, other school employees, employee representative associations, student learning and also accountability representatives and human resources representatives. It to be then approved by the Superintendent prior to being gift to the institution Board.

Cassata said they cannot always give two weeks off for Christmas break, however next college year"s calendar permitted it since of very early Labor day (Sept 1 in 2014), that permitted for college to begin on Sept. 2. As such, the critical day that school prior to Christmas break will be Friday, Dec. 19, 2014; college will resume ~ above Tuesday Jan. 6, 2015.

Meanwhile, the enhancement of the Columbus Day rest (Oct. 13) is meant to offer students a break throughout the lengthy stretch that September with November the which over there no other holiday breaks.

As it has been done in the past, the calendar likewise has the Monday after ~ Easter (April 6 in 2015) turn off for students, following the week turn off for spring Break (beginning Monday, Mar. 30, 2015), which allows for human being to to gain home indigenous traveling. Typically, teachers room able to choose to put in a teacher workday the Monday or the Saturday ~ the last day of school prior to Spring Break.

Other days off include Election day (Nov. 4) because that students and also Veteran"s job (Nov. 11). The committee, meeting v an election subcommittee last year, had made decision to close schools for teachers and students every four years for presidential elections, and to otherwise have a teacher work-related day on all various other election job in i m sorry voter turnout is smaller. Occoquan college Board member Lillie Jessie argued that an election committee member offer on the calendar committee following year.

School plank members also addressed the writing-campaign effort led mostly by students to get two extr days that Christmas rest this year.

"It"s just impossible to take those two days now," said Betty Covington the the potomac District, recognizing the calls and also email requests institution Board members have received. She explained that the calendar had currently been set, and moreover, it had been collection to meet the demands of having the 180 state forced instructional work plus additional days to accommodate snow days.

Alyson Satterwhite that the Gainesville ar thanked students because that demonstrating their interest in the process.

Chairman Milt Johns defined that, "All that those ships were launched by a fraudulent email attributed come Dr. Walts that in reality Dr. Walts did not send"

He included that the college Board does no often readjust a calendar mid-year, but every time they have, "It has actually been a disaster, since people have made vacation plans. Civilization have made testing plans."

Johns likewise clarified the parents have the right to have their son take a day off if they space celebrating a religious holiday not contained on the calendar and also that will certainly be one excused absence. He additionally said that parents can select to keep their youngsters home on eye days in i beg your pardon the colleges are open, yet parents feeling it would be unsafe because that their youngsters to travel to school.

Brentsville school Board member Gil Trenum propose researching if the fifty percent day top top the Wednesday prior to Thanksgiving need to be adjusted to a full day off, considering the high absences on the day.

"At the high institution level it"s about 34 percent, even at the center school primary school level there"s about 19 percent of youngsters that space out," Trenum said.

"Thanksgiving yes, really wasn"t talked around this time," said Cassata as her committee members were more focused on scheduling roughly the Christmas holiday.

Johns stated they can talk about providing an additional day for Thanksgiving, yet he has seen whereby backing up one day just leads come the day before needing to be a half day.

Johns stated it is a good calendar, even though that does not doubt there will be part in the community who will certainly hate it.

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The institution Board will certainly vote ~ above the calendar at their next meeting.

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