“We therefore Proud that Him” is one of Playboi Carti’s many anticipated tracks. Because that years, Carti pan were subjected to only quick low-quality snippets that the song, collectively less… check out More 

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Ooh, girl, look in ~ him (Ooh, girl, look in ~ him)Ooh, girl, look in ~ him (Ooh, girl, look in ~ him)(I'm therefore proud of him)Feel favor Pac and them (I'm therefore proud the him)Feel prefer God and also them (We for this reason proud that him)(I'm so proud that him)(We therefore proud the him)Ooh, ooh(I'm so proud that him)OohOoh, girl, look in ~ him, ooh (We therefore proud of him)Ooh, girl, look in ~ him, oohOoh, girl, look in ~ him, oohYou can't get like him, ooh'Cause you just like them, oohYou can't relocate like him, oohYou can't carry out like him, ooh(Nice and silky smooth)You ain't with crew-dem, oohHow girlfriend true come them? OohHow you move with them? OohHow girlfriend true come them? OohWhere the fuck were you choose last year?Yeah, with dude and them, oohMy shooter and them, ooh, yeah, ooh (Pew-pew-pew)Get rude through them, oohHo, v dude and them (We for this reason proud of him)Who the posesthe is them? OohPrivate party, dear, oohWho invite ya? OohI can't lie come ya, oohYour ho in mine earI'm inside of her, ayyI'ma on slide in her, oohICYTWAT, Mexiko (Ooh, girl, look in ~ him)How i started, yeahKill 'em v your adlib, oohYeah, yeah, yeah, oohI acquired lots the bags, yeah, ooh (Lots that cash)Yeah, yeah, yeah, ooh (Okay, okay)I obtained lots that cash, yeah, ooh (Let's go, let's go)Yeah, yeah, yeah, ooh (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)I obtain on the beat, eat that up, ooh, because that breakfast, ayyI acquired lots the bitches on mine phone, they from Texas, ayyAnd we obtained that technology from that TEC so us ready, ayySo I keep that strap for her bitch and also I'm ready, ayy, yeahGive me Becky (Lil bitch, she goin')I won't tellyIn mine telly, ooh, oohAnd she tellin', ayy, ayy (What she tellin'?)I gain bitches (Hey)I desire sloppy, she obtained sloppy, ooh, oohOh my god, that's a shame, five my goddyIn the lobby, ooh, oohOff the Molly, ooh, oohHo, us rollin', ooh, oohDon't try to spot me, ooh, oohSee this diamonds? Ooh, oohI feel favor Rocky, oohI'm for this reason cocky, oohI gained thotties, oohAnd lock ready and also they going, they on goDon't call my phone when you check out Yung Carti go, ayy (when you check out me go)Ayy (Don't call my phone)And you view Yung Carti go, ooh, what? what? (We so proud the him)What? (We for this reason proud the him, us so proud the him)