It’s March, friend guys! and while I’m below trying to figure out what come do about my spring makeup case I realized ns haven’t featured PIXI because that a while, for this reason let’s talk around the product that originally gained me hooked on the brand to begin with. I gained my very an initial award-winning PIXI limitless Silky Eye Pen <$12, available here> in a subscription box numerous years ago, and wasn’t too sure about the color at first. Ns wasn’t supervisor adventurous v my makeup back then , for this reason a teal eyeliner sounded prefer a stunner bold move. Funny exactly how our top priorities change! I tried it anyway over part random black color liner. Functioned like a charm and also stayed on every day even with mine oily eyelids in the summer.

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So this day I wanted to present you 4 of my current favorites. I had this festive PIXI endless Silky Eye Pen Quartette since Christmas but only got roughly to actually using each that the pencils really recently. They space as fabulous together I remember!



PIXI claims these paraben-free, mineral oil-free, hypoallergenic liners “glide on prefer seamless silk” and also create a solid jewel-toned line in a solitary sweep, no retouching necessary. The formula is amplified with Vitamin E to nourish and protect fragile skin about the eyes.

“The extremely long-wearing gel eye pencil that glides and stays placed all day long.” – Petra

Last year PIXI limitless Silky Eye Pens received a height Tested Beauty award from GH Beauty rap .



PIXI limitless Silky Eye pen come in a multitude of colors! today I have 4 to show you, two mattes and also two semi-glitters:

BlackNoir – one intense well-off matte blackSlateGrey – satin deep charcoal greyBlackCocoa – rich deep matte brownDeepPlum – well-off shimmery plum

PIXI is continually releasing brand-new shades, for this reason make certain to examine out your website because that the latest enhancements to the range.



First and foremost, I desire to talk about the shades themselves. The descriptions on the website space not always accurate, for circumstances in reality SlateGrey and DeepPlum space both infused with microglitter. However, PIXI defined one that them as a satin finish, and also the other is only offered a shade description, so store that in mind when shopping. Far better yet, google some swatches to acquire a far better idea.

Formula-wise, this are few of my favorite eyeliner pencils at drugstore price point, comparable to higher end assets from Marc Jacobs and also Urban Decay. They room creamy, really richly pigmented, waterproof, and stay ~ above the sheathe no issue what even in humid weather conditions. This at sight longevity is the key reason why they’re so tough to remove, but IMO that’s a small price come pay for a true long-lasting eyeliner because that hooded oily lids.

PIXI limitless Silky Eye Pens do not come in twist-up packaging, and need to it is in manually sharpened. PIXI recommends using their own twin Pencil Sharpener, yet I personally prefer this one from Sephora.

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You have the right to purchase PIXI endless Silky Eye Pen at pixibeauty and also Target.


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Do you have a favorite pharmacy eye pencil? have actually you make the efforts PIXI assembly before? permit me know in the comments below!