Before you start, no. Ns not composing out a drinking game for the following time you control to uncover yourself on the well known ride at Disneyland. I’m, of course, creating out some an easy rules because that the fight movie franchise. Admittedly, I have actually not seen every one of the films. However, my storage of the movies I have seen and also the recent experience of city hall the very first one end again inspired me to create another collection of rules the I’m pretty sure will cascade throughout each movie.

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The Pirates the the Caribbean Drinking game - Hair that the Dog

As usual, we at do not condone or encourage party drinking and also ask that you drink responsibly. These rules that space laid out below are supposed to summer sprouts up her entertainment indigenous the films, however should not be complied with to the point of ending up being sick. Think the them less as rule and more like “guidelines.”


Dramatic Swells

Pirates, prefer any huge blockbuster activity movie franchise, has actually it’s very own theme music. You know it, or at least you will by the end of your very first viewing of any of this movies because it plays a lot. The a an excellent theme that you might get worn down of, so why not shot to do it much more fun every time it starts playing?

Take a sip of her drink anytime the Pirates theme tune starts playing.

Shan’t We sing Shanties?

Keeping v the design template of music, pirates and also sailors the this fictitious era and also area that the civilization sure love to sing part shanties to pass the time. They favored to drink like us too, but that doesn’t mean you have to sing along with them. Save your life room shanties to yourself!

Take a sip of her drink whenever one of the characters starts singing a sea shanty.

Crossing Swords & Clanging Cups

If over there is anything that there is no shortage that in this movies, its sword fights and booze. Both of these things space often linked with pirates so the would only make sense for castle to it is in bountiful in every of the Pirates the the Caribbean movies. So below is a two-for-one preeminence for you.

Take a sip of her drink anytime a sword fight starts.

Take a sip of your drink at any time a personality takes a swig of some beverage various other than water.


A Sparrow’s Call

While the plot may not always center roughly him, Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) is plainly the main character of this movies. Together a result, his surname is stated a lot, to varying degrees of reliable respect and admiration.

Take a sip of her drink at any time someone claims “Jack Sparrow.” take a longer sip if they incorporate his title as Captain, i.e. “Captain Jack Sparrow.”

You could additionally play this rule whenever someone claims “Elizabeth” since Elizabeth Swann is a prominent character who attention seems to it is in what everyone is seeking, most of the time


Countless activity movies have actually their one-liners, with their activity heroes who have their catchphrases. Dirty Harry had the long speech around his gun, finishing with “Do i feel lucky?” The Terminator had “I’ll be back,” amongst multiple others. Pirates is no different, except, its been systematized down come a single word. Jack Sparrow likes come use words ‘savvy’ as a fast affirmation among his comrades and enemies. So, the course, let’s do a dominance out that it.

Take a sip of your drink at any time Jack Sparrow says “Savvy?”


Gonna take You for a Ride

Pirates is an activity franchise that, that course, is based on the Disneyland ride. Nobody expected a movie based upon something prefer a ride to work, however it did and also it to be lightning in a bottle. When the very first movie is far more referential come its origins, there room still some moments in the sequels that may be arranged or shot in a method that is meant to imitate or resemble a step from the ride. Because that those who have actually never to be to Disneyland or ridden the ride, defer to your friends in the room who have actually or stick to anything that resembles a memable moment. This is most likely the vaguest ascendancy on the list, however the allude is, drink when you acknowledge something.

Take a sip of her drink whenever you identify a moment that is in recommendation to the Disneyland ride, or a frequently memed moment in the film. For instance a group of prisoners whistling to a dog with tricks in that mouth, or “But why is the rum gone?”

Pardon mine Jargon

Pirates are not well-known for their dental hygiene, because that being really friendly or approachable, or for being really polite. However, lock do recognize what the port side of a delivery is, they understand where the poop deck is that demands to be swabbed, and also they know that that a an excellent idea to monitor commands and also look tough while they carry out it. In these movies, there’s many a minute where who is offering out regulates involving parts of the ship i didn’t understand existed, while throwing some insults in over there to store the moral up. There’s likewise plenty a moment when someone accepts those requests v an “argh” or one “Aye.”

Take a sip of her drink whenever anyone offers out a bit of nautical directions/commands

Take a sip of your drink whenever someone responds to a command or question with an “argh” or an “Aye”

Double-Crossing Code

Pirates are likewise not well-known for your loyalty. The persons in this movies insurance claim to operate under a code, however as you conveniently learn, they’re much more like guidelines. Together such, girlfriend may uncover that characters, pirate or otherwise, tend to change their mind around their loyalties and also their purposes with part frequency. That 3rd movie, in fact, has much more double-crosses 보다 I deserve to count. So here’s one more two-for-one set of rules for you.

Take a sip of your drink anytime the ‘pirate code’ is mentioned.

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Take a sip of her drink whenever a character double-crosses, short-changes, or simply betrays one more character. This can variety from a person making a poor deal, to finish betrayal to the point of a heel-turn.


That’s it for some general imbibing indict to monitor at your recreation while enjoy it a marathon the swashbuckling activity films. Though, every of this movies is over 2 hrs long, so probably switch to water as your drink of choice after the very first film. There are, obviously, more rules that can be discovered in these movies, like “take a sip of her drink at any time someone claims ‘the black color Pearl,’” but I felt this perform was gaining long enough as it was, and rules prefer that are more prominent in one movie versus others. What other rules have the right to you come increase with? leave them in the comments along with your favorite film that the franchise?