About us

The Pew net & American Life Project is one of seven jobs that make up the Pew research Center, a nonpartisan, nonprofit "fact tank" that provides information on the issues, attitudes and also trends shaping America and the world. The job produces reports experimenting the impact of the web on families, communities, work and also home, day-to-day life, education, health and wellness care, and civic and political life. The Project aims to it is in an authoritative source on the advancement of the web through surveys that examine how Americans usage the internet and how their activities affect your lives.

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The Pew internet Project takes no location on policy issues related come the internet. That does not endorse technologies, industry sectors, companies, non-profit organizations, or individuals.

The Project’s reports are based upon nationwide random phone surveys, digital surveys, and qualitative research. This data collection is supplemented with research from federal government agencies, technology firms, academia, and other experienced venues. The job releases 15-20 piece of research study a year, varying in size, scope, and ambition.

Download data

To search and also download the Project's inspection data—including data set in SPSS and also comma-delimited format, crosstab files and also questionnaires—please visit our Data Sets page here .

Survey data overview

We space pleased to provide our raw data come scholars because that their own research, and also hope it will certainly be helpful in furthering our cumulative understanding about how Americans use the Internet. The job staff is easily accessible to prize questions and to provide limited assistance in importing and evaluating data. However, we strongly recommend that only experienced analysts who are familiar with software analysis packages or large cross-tabulated data files attempt to download this data sets.

See listed below for added details around the consumption and ease of access of our data.

Files easily accessible for download

Each individual survey includes the following files:

Raw inspection data file in both SPSS and also comma-delimited (.csv) formats. To safeguard the privacy that respondents, telephone numbers, ar of residence and also zip code have been gotten rid of from all public data files.Cross tabulation document of inquiries with simple demographics in indigenous format. Typical demographic categories encompass sex, race, age, family members income, educational attainment, parental status and also geographic ar (i.e. Urban/rural/suburban).Survey instrument/questionnaire in indigenous format. The inspection questionnaire gives question and solution labels because that the raw data file. It additionally includes all interviewer prompts and also programming filter for exterior researchers that would choose to see how our questions are created or use our questions in their own surveys.Topline data file in Word format that contains trend data to previous surveys in which we have asked every question, wherein applicable.

Important information around weighting of inspection data

All raw data records include a weight variable that should be used in evaluation and is figured out in the SPSS and .csv records as the change "WEIGHT." you re welcome check and also make certain that the load variable is turn on prior to you begin your analysis.

Schedule that data availability

Individual surveys are normally released top top the very same day the the job releases our last report based on that survey. If the info you are interested in is much more than six months old yet is not here, please contact us. Girlfriend can also sign up to obtain alerts when brand-new data to adjust are published via email (last group on the sign-up form).

Usage and publication guidelines

All manuscripts, articles, books, and also other papers and also publications using task data should reference the Pew net & American Life task as the resource of the data, and also should recognize that the job bears no obligation for the interpretations gift or conclusions got to based on evaluation of the data. More information about ouruse policyis accessible here. You can likewise contact to request permission to usespecificdata, infographics, or reports.

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For much more information

Questions around the usage of Pew net Project datasets might be directed to .