1. The main receiver is based in a country that isn’t allowed to send payments making use of balance

This error way that you based in a country where PayPal go not support payments making use of balance. Yes sir nothing we can do about this now, but we’ll shortly be supplying other options than PayPal.

2. The receiver email

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example.com does not accept payments in this currency

PayPal calls for you to have the currency set up to receive the payment. Below is exactly how to add another currency:

(a) log in to her PayPal website account.

(b) Click the file subtab.

(c) In the Financial details column, click the money Balances link.

(d) select a money name native the Select new currency dropdown menu and click the include Currency button.

2. Your payment can not be completed. Please go back to the participating website and try again.

You need to follow these actions to fix this issue:

(a) Log into your PayPal Account

(b) Click the “Profile” link on the header the the web page

(c) A drop under box will appear, click the connect “My offering preferences”

(d) The web page will have a row with text “Block payments” and also text “Limit payments, include instructions and also more.” ~ above that row to the much right there will be a link “Update” click it

(e) Uncheck the “Initiate payment from the pay Anyone subtab the the Send Money tab” checkbox


Another possible reason resulting in this problem is if you have a personal paypal account and your client tries to acquisition with a credit card, then this error will show up. To protect against this error, you should be a PayPal service Verified or Premier showed account holder.

3. Your payment can not be completed since one that the receivers can’t expropriate payments in ~ this time

This means that her paypal account has been restricted. Please get in touch with paypal to eliminate this restriction.

4. Account email
example.com isn’t shown by PayPal

you will need to log right into your PayPal account and also confirm your info.

5. Interior error

This is a short-lived PayPal payment error. Regrettably there is naught you can do to settle this problem as there are technical problems with PayPal.

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last updated on august 3, 2021
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