In Payday 2 choose locks have the right to take a most time. Under push this deserve to be fun but it can likewise be boring. With a observed you can reduced through locks in seconds! Looting whole vault can be done really quickly.

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How to gain the experienced in Payday 2

In Payday 2 you will need to follow the complying with steps.

Unlock Portable saw in the Enforce skill tree

This skill have the right to be uncovered in the enforcer skill tree, at the 5th tier. Friend will have to be at least level 36 (42 skill points) come unlock this skill point. Unlocking it costs $456500 for this reason make certain you have actually saved some cash!


There are skills that rise the efficiency of the saw:

Portable observed (aced): rise sawblades through 1Carbon Blade: Increase effectiveness (damage) by 20%Carbon tongue (ace): Saws space 20% an ext effective, and also attacking opponents wears it under 50% less

Purchase the saw

Before you deserve to equip the saw you will first have to acquisition it. That is provided as a “primary” weapon.

In the main menu go to the Inventory.


On the primary tab select and “EMPTY WEAPON SLOT” and dual click it to get “BUY brand-new WEAPON”


Now to go the saw tab (most right), select it and also buy it


 Equiping the saw

During the loadout the a heist simply pick the observed as your main weapon.

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A saw has actually the adhering to uses:

it deserve to open van in Firestarter job 1 deserve to open every door which need a lock choose or a deserve to be supplied to damages enemies (but protect against that^^)It deserve to be supplied to open deposit box in bank heist and transport heistIt can be to reduced the defense bars in Framing framework day 1It can be used to saw the sewers accessibility in Framing framework day 2And even an ext …


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