The demon Wormwood an initial became famous through his correspondence v his uncle Screwtape, released in The Screwtape Letters. We are currently privileged come peruse his ar notebook from that demonic training session, complete with scribbles, notes, and excerpts native his uncle"s letters. Wormwood"s instructions, mission statements, and maxims for unique occasions create a "best of Screwtape" that provides witty and cutting methods for how finest to corrupt a brand new Christian and also steal the from the "Enemy" -- God.

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If the ideal defense is to recognize your opponent"s game book, this is a need to read for every those who want to retain their souls.


Clive Staples Lewis (1898-1963) was one of the pundit giants that the twenty century and arguably one of the most influential writers that his day. He was a Fellow and also Tutor in English literature at Oxford college until 1954, once he was unanimously elected to the Chair the Medieval and also Renaissance literature at Cambridge University, a place he held until his retirement. The wrote more than thirty books, allowing him to with a large audience, and also his works continue to tempt thousands of brand-new readers every year. His most distinguished and popular achievements include the end of the quiet Planet, The good Divorce, The Screwtape Letters, and the universally acknowledged classics The Chronicles of Narnia. To date, the Narnia books have marketed over 100 million copies and also have been transformed right into three significant motion pictures. Clive Staples Lewis (1898-1963) fue uno de los intelectuales más importantes del siglo veinte y podría decirse que fue el escritor cristiano más influyente de su tiempo. Fue profesor details de literatura inglesa y miembro de la junta de gobierno en la Universidad Oxford hasta 1954, cuando fue nombrado profesor de literatura medieval y renacentista en la Universidad Cambridge, cargo que desempeñó hasta que se jubiló. Sus contribuciones a la crítica literaria, literatura infantil, literatura fantástica y teología popular le trajeron fama y aclamación a nivel internacional. C. S.

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Lewis escribió más de treinta libros, lo cual le permitió alcanzar una enorme audiencia, y sus obras aún atraen a mile de nuevos lectores cada año. Sus más distinguidas y populares obras incluyen las Crónicas de Narnia, Los Cuatro Amores, Cartas del Diablo a Su Sobrino y Mero Cristianismo.