I"ve paged v my whole book, looked in the index, confirm the sections on feats and capacity scores, and I"ve no been may be to find the table that breaks down as soon as you get capability score increases, and feats.

I currently know that you acquire an capability score increase every 4th level therefore that"s not a problem, but switching end from 3.5 to Pathfinder I know for a fact that the feat framework is different, I just don"t remember how due to the fact that I haven"t played in a long time.

I"ve even looked in the Feats and Character production section of d20pfsrd. I cannot find this table because that the life the me.

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Where is this table I"m looking for located in the book, or on an online resource?



I don"t know if this is the table you space looking for, but table 3-1:Character advance and Level-Dependent Bonuses" last 2 columns, feats and capability Score mirrors which level you gain an extra feat or capability score on. You obtain one feat in ~ level 1 (subject to transforms from race, class, etc.) and also extra feats on 3rd level, fifth level, 7th level, and so on therefore forth.

You can uncover the table here on d20srd and also it"s on web page 30 in the rulebook.

Hope this helps!


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