Historically El Paso Del Norte, or ‘The happen of the North,’ served as a protect against for travelers in ~ an intersection of 3 states and also two countries. The city has constantly been a place where cultures and also languages met, and also today that is organize to the largest bilingual, binational work pressure in the west Hemisphere.

That rich background still informs the city’s infrastructure: when you’re there it’s difficult not to feel Spain’s lingering influence, and also the structures harken come a simpler, more elegant way of life.

El Paso ’s residents, however, space making certain that your city is no frozen in time. Even as you sense the Spanish affect on the welcome neighborhoods, you can additionally see the the designs room modernized, thanks to the established and growing community of home builders in the area. This post lists all the ideal general contractors in El Paso, building contractors who display us both the standard and contemporary designs this elegant historic city has to offer.

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If you space thinking about building a custom home, we recommend checking every builder’s license through the local licensing board, speaking to previous clients, and also using our bidding system to get competitive quotes from at least 3 contractors. Gaining multiple bids is the best way to certain you gain a same price and also that bids incorporate the finish scope of work.

ICON practice Builder

1150 Burgundy Drive, El Paso, TX 79907

ICON practice Builder’s entry to the 2021 Parade that Homes, the VIDA ~ above Camino Nogal stands at 3,927 square feet, with four bedrooms, four full baths, and also a fifty percent bath. This sleek black and also white contemporary farmhouse opens up to a fireplace wall, i m sorry warms the living room ~ above its other side. Towards the left, a marble slab facility kitchen island cascades right into a wooden eat-in room right at the entry come the gray and white formal dining room. A butler’s pantry sits in between these 2 spaces. A bar area looks out onto the outdoor grill, accessed v sliding doors beneath large clerestory home windows in this flex space. The crisp neutral tones continue in the spacious grasp bedroom, which opens to the freestanding tub, twin sink vanity, and also open shower master bath. There’s additionally a cozy family room and a well-lit home office.


Husband-and-wife team Carlos and Juanita Garcia opened icon Custom Builder in 2004 through a vision for building high-quality modern homes. The earned many Parade of homes awards end the years and the firm has end up being one the the many successful practice home building contractors in El Paso.

Edward’s dwellings

11450 Rojas Dr, El Paso, TX

Edward’s Homes, established by Eduardo Fernandez in 2003, intends to serve El Pasoan families by providing them high-quality homes they deserve to relax in in ~ a price v which they room comfortable. According to the firm, “we have accomplished this through concentrated teamwork, proud in our work, quality-controlled systems, and by hiring and educating the best individuals we have the right to discover.”


Edward’s homes offers spacious floor plans, consultation, planning, and also financing suggestions. Edward’s homes has completed almost 200 homes in El Paso, through lot sizes beginning at 2,800 square feet. Edward’s houses is very regarded for their customer service, many notably their willingness to walk the extra mile to provide the finest for your clients. Edward’s houses has been BBB accredited because February 2007, and also they participated in Parade of residences 2018.

Fortune custom Homes

14697 lengthy Shadow, El Paso. 79938

Since 1988, luck Custom residences has been structure stylish and also high-quality homes that clients are proud come own. The firm has actually served more than a thousands clients and has got recognition native the US environmental Protection firm as the very first custom home builder 100% compliant with energy Star Guidelines. During the Home display in 2005, happiness built whole model home inside the El Paso civic Center. The firm participated in the Parade of houses in 2017.


The company says, “our viewpoint towards business and also building houses is why Fortune tradition Homes proceeds to grow and succeed and also succeed. A approach that puts the customer first, the stands through its product, the listens and responds to their client’s needs and also desires.” Fortune provides custom residence building and model homes. The firm builds in east Side’s Tierra Del Este 72, 76. 78, and also 68, and also in Mission Ridge’s Garden Park, Desert Canyon, and also Painted Sky. Each of their projects has 50 standard features – ranging from custom base modeling, semi-gloss paint to the tankless water heater and also built-in medicine cabinets, every for the lull of clients. Fortune additionally takes proud in the fact that a significant portion that their tasks came native referrals; your success has come from various other satisfied customers.

Diamond homes LLC

3000 Bob Beamon Street, El Paso, TX 79938, USA

Diamond dwellings LLC, in El Paso, is a family-owned, tradition homebuilding agency founded in 1994. Juan Baquera, that took end from his father, currently runs the company. Diamond listens to their clients and carefully crafts every project. They compose that “family comes an initial and where you contact home is everything. It is in it entertaining guests in a stylish useful kitchen or de-stressing in a relaxing understand suite, our household has your family members at the heart of our company.”


Diamond dwellings are identified by sleek lines and also airy spaces. The agency is also the very first home builder in the city to develop a fully-certified energy Star home. Juan assures the general public that their residences are 100% power efficient. The agency serves the locations of El Paso, Horizon City, and also Franklin Hills, and take on jobs with a size range of 1,400 square feet and also up.

Diamond dwellings has to be featured in Fox – Channel 14’s Today’s house Builder TV Show, ~ above an episode that called the story of your company, and also explained their structure process. In 2015, their house amenity work appeared in Su Casa Magazine. Diamond houses is a member that the national Association of house Builders and also the Texas association of Builders.

Pacifica Homes

12660 Tierra Clara Rd., El Paso, TX

For over two decades, Pacifica homes has been structure homes in El Paso and they layout themselves “the people’s choice.” They rarely receive a complaint and client testimonials attest to that. Probably it’s since the firm uses superior quality business at one affordable price. In fact, they’ve participated in the 2017 El Paseo De Casas affordable home showcase. They’ve likewise won “Best Kitchen” in the 2018 Parade the Homes.


Founded by Juan Jose Vasquez, Pacifica residences believes that they should constantly do the appropriate thing the first time, that’s why they just use the best quality products in their construction. To prove the trust of your material, they took a video clip of an army Sergeant attempting come hammer with their walls; he failed to penetrate the invincible walls.

The this firm price selection is native $100k to $300K. They specialization in ground-up construction and remodeling. They are a proud power Star Partner and also are members that the national Association that Home builders (NAHB) and also the El Paso combination of home builders (ELPAB).

Rassette residences

604 Gil’s Magic Ct., El Paso, TX 79932

For end 15 years, Rassette homes has make beautiful homes in El Paso. The firm takes cutting-edge homebuilding modern technology to the area. Your work has resulted in improved structure standards, together as having refrigerated air circulation and also easy-maintenance pitched roofs. Rassette dwellings is no stranger come awards. In 2017, the for sure was named the Builder that the Year by the El Paso association of contractors (EPAB) and has won a ideal Master Bath acknowledgment from the Texas association of Builders. In the beforehand 2000s, the certain won numerous Home display Awards, and they also took the 2006 Home display Premier Builder, the 2005 Home present Award, and the following Generation home in El Paso. The firm’s president, Don Rassete, also served in 2017 as the EPAB’s president. Rassette houses has showed up in the El Paso Times and they participated in Parade of residence event, an annual showcase of dwellings in different regions.


Rassette says, “we have likewise developed a reputation for premium customer organization by putting our buyers’ needs and concerns in ~ the forefront of our service practices.” The firm offers semi-custom home construction, pre-planned floor plans, green structure options, new home construction to client in El Paso, Sunland Park, and also Canutillo. The agency guarantees that every one of their tasks are constructed by licensed professionals, abide by energy effective standards, and also will it is in elegant and comfortable. Rassette residences is a member that the nationwide Association of Home home builders Spike Club, Texas association of Builders, El Paso combination of Builders, and also a BBB Accredited Business.

Loyalty dwellings

12720 Runway Ave. El Paso, Texas

Loyalty houses is among the newest builders in El Paso, and they are off to a fast start; they were nominated “Best home Builder” through The City magazine in their an initial year, and in the complying with year together well.


Established in 2016, the family-run firm makes sure that every one of the residences they develop are compliant with power Star standards which method their houses are sustainable and also friendly come the environment. The firm designs modern American early american homes in one affordable price range of $100K come $260K. The firm was favored for the El Paseo de Casas for just that reason: they wanted to showcase building contractors who built affordable homes.

They specialize in custom homes and remodeling, and also they market 2-10 house Buyers warranty which means they can cover structural and system defect coverage for as much as 10 years. Their policies display that commitment is no only found in your name.


Mountain Vista Homes

10657 Vista Del Sol journey El Paso, Texas 79935

One that the longest-running this firm in El Paso, hill Vista residences has won the El Paso Builder that the Year Award for 1994, 2007, and also 2010. The founder, Mike Santamaria, has also garnered the beat Cox Lifetime accomplishment Award indigenous El Paso combination of contractors in 2012.

Like plenty of firms, hill Vista houses upholds the worth of customer organization in their business. Your price range is usually at $100K to $180K but they can go together high as $400K They also offer a 10-year warranty in addition to their construction.


Mountain Vista houses are home building contractors that sell renovation and ground-up renovation, yet they also offer houses for rental for your customers who are not currently in a place to buy. They are proud members the the Texas Home builders Association, El Paso Home building contractors Association, and also the national Home home builders Association.

Winton Flair Homes

6300 Escondido Dr., El Paso, Texas 79912

Established in 1963, Winton Flair dwellings is among the oldest and most energy-efficient this firm in El Paso. They’re an energy Star Member and also they have likewise been awarded the continual Excellence award for 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010. Builder Magazine has actually cited their accomplishments in sustained excellence.


The family-owned firm makes luxury houses that, if expensive, space actually an invest in the long run. All products are closely chosen to lessen energy use within the home. They’ve calculated that their clients save around $400 per year in power costs. Angry President mark Dyer stated in an interview the the extra procedures they’ve taken to become an ext sustainable have actually increased sales: your clients are progressively searching for energy solutions that will decrease their long-term financial liability. To date, lock have constructed 1,657 energy Star Certified homes in your community.

They sell custom architecture builds for clients in the El Paso, ras Cruces, and also Southern brand-new Mexico. They also offer landscaping services such as swimming pool installation, former lawn landscaping, and rock landscaping. Their prices begin at $250K and go together high as $500K.

Bella Vista houses

1404 N Zaragoza Rd, El Paso, TX 79936

Bella Vista houses is a premier, custom residence building company run through second-generation builder Edgar Garcia. Started in 2001, the agency quickly came to be renowned for their excellently crafted dwellings in El Paso, Texas. Bella Vista has participated in the 2018 Parade the Homes, wherein it to be voted as ideal Staged House. The that company work also appeared in Su Casa magazine April 2018 edition.


Bella Vista Homes’ works are defined by distinctive front exteriors make of different society stones, full frontal landscaping, and also ornamental wrought iron gates. Through their use of Buildertrend–a building and also remodel web-based software–the agency allows clients to track the real-time status and also schedule of their project. Bella Vista offers building design, custom homes, and brand-new home construction in El Paso, Anthony, Canutillo, Clint, Fabens, mountain Elizario, and Tornillo. Lock also aid homebuyers in your search with their sisters company, Bella Vista actual Estate. In enhancement to gift an energy Star Partner, Bella Vista is a BBB Accredited Business, and also a member of El Paso association of Builders. The agency is actively in construction at various sites in Canyon Cimarron, Franklin Hills, skies Island, and The View.

Deal 2 transaction Homes

6600 N. Mesa St. Suite 404, El Paso, Texas 79912

Husband and wife tandem Delton and Lucinda Deal founded Deal 2 Deal dwellings in 2015. Since then, the firm has actually participated in the 2016 and 2018 Parade that Homes, as featured in the El Paso Times. They are additionally a certified energy Star partner and members of the nationwide Association the Home building contractors (NAHB), the El Paso combination of building contractors (ELPAB), and also the Texas Association contractors (TAB).


Deal 2 Deal residences have high standards because they desire to “build homes where quality matters.” lock design contemporary homes that offer a fresh take it on classic designs, prefer the curved house that Delton transaction designed for the 2016 Parade that Homes. Their services are customer-centered: they believe that the customer is no dependent ~ above them, however that they are dependent top top the customer. Lock are mindful that every detail must be taken into consideration, so they assure daily on-site supervision. Their price selection is from $250K to $450K.

Saratoga Homes

12300 Montwood, El Paso, Texas 79928

Saratoga houses is thought about one of the most credible contractors in Texas. V over 30 year of experience in the business, the firm has won a Lifetime accomplishment Award at the 2016 house of Texas, provided as The City Magazine’s “Best house Builder” in 2015, and also ranked 84th in Builder Magazine’s 2018 height 100.


As among El Paso’s many experienced building contractors in the business, the firm stays true to your old-school values, yet with the creation of contemporary technology. Castle promise your clients the they room “Family First” over everything else due to the fact that they don’t simply make homes, they do memories. Lock live by your promise, together they’ve built over 8000 residences in not just the El Paso area but likewise in Austin, Houston, and also Killeen.

Saratoga Homes’ designs stay true come El Paso’s standard American early american exteriors however their modern floor plans collection them personally from various other firms. Their contemporary floor plans take right into the consideration the family’s lifestyle. Above all else, Saratoga dwellings want whatever to be within the spending plan while utilizing high-quality materials. Their CEO, C. David Bombach, assures clients that their solutions are dependable since they also stay whereby they build: they room not simply your builder, they’re her neighbor.

Pointe dwellings

11351 James Watt Dr. El Paso, TX 79936

Pointe Homes created themselves in El Paso in 2005. Since then the agency has become a prominent fixture in Parade that Homes and also El Paso residence & Garden present events, and in 2016, was called the Builder that the Year by the El Paso combination of contractors (EPAB). Carlos Villalobos founded the for sure on the communication of high-quality finishings, dedication, and also innovation. Villalobos served in 2016 together president the the EPAB, and has to be featured in The City Magazine for his commitment come the revitalization that home building in El Paso.

Pointe dwellings offers custom home designs and also 30 spacious, pre-planned model homes that deserve to be modification to suit the client’s requirements. Their projects commonly cost $130,000 to $1 million and also they have catered to some of El Paso’s most prominent residents. The company has completed over 200 homes in 12 high-end communities throughout El Paso, and is right now working ~ above a 14-unit upscale apartment named The Uptown and Franklin way Apartments close to the Southwest university Park. Pointe says, “ is specialized to building new and custom houses in El Paso that deserve to accommodate everything important and beneficial to you and also your family. V innovation, integrity, and professionalism, we build quality houses for you.”

Palo Verde residences

7100 Westwind STE 250, El Paso, TX 79912

Palo Verde dwellings is a premier, tradition luxury house builder, created in 2007. Their work-related has currently earned the distinction for their high-end design and also efficient functionality. In 2016, Palo Verde houses was called The City Magazine’s finest Builder, known as the Builder Member the the Year in 2015 by the El Paso association of Builders, and has been included in America’s optimal 200 Builders. In 2010, the firm received recognition from the US ecological Protection firm as an energy Star Leader. Its current president–engineer Edgar Montiel–was a finalist because that the national Association that Homebuilding (NAHB) Young professional Award. Montiel previously operated for IBM, general Motors, and Delphi before beginning Palo Verde Homes.

Palo Verde’s houses usually selection in size from 1,300 to 2,500 square feet and also cost almost everywhere from $140,000 to $280,000. Their projects are 100% energy efficient and comply with power Star standards. Palo Verde understands that the residence buying procedure can take up to 2 years, and also has do it simpler for client by devising a an ext customer-friendly process that mirrors clients specifically how the residence will look. The firm says, “our Commitment come you is to market the best in design, materials, client service, workmanship, and quality at competitive sector prices.” The firm has participated in the 2018 Festival that Homes and also appeared in Builder newspaper and contemporary Builder and also Design.

Tropicana Homes

300 eastern Main, Suite 740 El Paso, TX 79901

We can not rank the finest contractors in El Paso without mentioning Tropicana Homes. The for sure was founded by the Bowling family and is now headed by Randy Bowling. For three generations, the firm has made around 10,000 homes for the El Paso community, and also through every those years they aimed to it is in nothing but the best. The company has remained in the service for over 68 years and also has been awarded “Builder that the Year” by the El Paso combination of home builders four times. They were called the “Texas Developer that the Year” and “Builder the the Year” by the Texas Association building contractors in 2003, 2013, and also 2015. And The City Magazine quote them as the “Best house Builder” in 2012.

Perhaps Tropicana Homes’ an enig to survival in this competitive company is in their enthusiasm for offer the community. The firm wants to meet their clients’ requirements by providing them their dream home. They have actually a range of floor plans to select from, yet they’re also willing to develop your house from scratch. Not just that, Tropicana makes sure the the homes they construct are power efficient, and also built in accordance through the criter of the International power Conservation Code. Their designs are reminiscent that a Spanish colonial exterior but have a contemporary twist which walk to show that in spite of their long years in the business, Tropicana homes is no behind the times.

Cullers & Caldwell contractors

7170 Westwind Dr, Suite # 101, El Paso, TX 79912

Cullers & Caldwell contractors has completed several of the most beautiful and highly-lauded residences in El Paso, often adopting a distinctively Mediterranean feel. Castle earned the title of El Paso combination of Builders’ Builder that the Year in 2006. One of its founders, john Cullers, deserve his MBA in ~ the southern Methodist University and also has served as EPAB’s president. The firm takes pride in that roster of expert craftsmen and also artisans: each of that employees has an average of twenty years of endure in construction. In the company’s own words, “impeccable design and flawless craftsmanship room a component of every custom residence we build. Once you intend nothing less than exceptional quality and service, there’s only one practice builder to rotate to in the region.”

Cullers & Caldwell provides custom luxury house construction and multi-family development in El Paso. The certain considers itself a non-mass-volume builder: they just take a couple of home projects annually so that they can pour all their attention and also resources into perfecting a project. In 2016, the firm’s work on the Franklin mountain Home, in partnership through an architectural firm, Hazelbaker Rush, winner a Builder’s an option Custom Home style Award from Builder Magazine. The this firm multi-family breakthrough arm, C&C Construction, has actually completed countless high-end, Spanish-style multi-family apartments.

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