You"re currently inside the Shy Guy"s Toy Box. What in right here is the game"s following Star Spirit. As for the layout that this Chapter, the Toy box is split into 4 train stations with side routes at every station. You start off at the Blue Station. Her ultimate goal is a room to the far east of the Red Station. To get there, however, you"ll an initial need to uncover a train, climate you"ll should flip a few switches to complete the tracks. Along the way, you"ll also be returning stolen Items to the citizen of Toad Town.

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Start by rotate Jumping in prior of the Toad conductor. You"ll pop a Star piece out from under a surprise floor panel. Choose up the Star Piece.


Continue ideal to watch a ? Block and also three blue buildings. Fight the block because that a Coin, then go into the center blue building. Jump up the stairs and also to roof. Glide come the left building using Parakarry to check out a Star Piece. Grab the Star Piece.


Glide ago across, then glide throughout to the rightmost building. Strategy the best edge of this building"s roof and also carefully drop down onto a wall of blocks. Line you yourself up with the nearby ? Block, then usage Parakarry to glide native the wall to the block, come the ledge to the right of the block. Struggle the ? Block for a Thunder Bolt. Fall down and hit the other ? Block for a Coin. Head appropriate to watch the Clubba the Kammy Koopa conjured. Beat its party of two Clubbas, then open the sweetheart Chest for the Storeroom Key.


Return to the Blue station now.

Save, then use the Springboard to go back to Toad Town.

Make your way to Rolf and then offer him his Calculator back. He"ll price you with a Badge.

I Spy

BP Cost: 1Effect: A noise and a Star Piece icon will alarm the player once Mario beginning an area through a hidden Star Piece.Location: offered by Rowf after returning his Calculator

Exit this screen and reenter it to do Rowf"s shop energetic again. Purchase the Group emphasis Badge because that 100 Coins.

Group Focus

BP Cost: 2Effect: allows Mario"s partner to additionally use the "Focus" command.Location: Bought at Rowf"s badge Shop after chapter 3 (100 Coins)

Nap in the Toad House and also save in ~ the save Block. Head to Harry"s Shop now.

Give bother the Storeroom vital and he"ll unlock the shop"s storeroom. Enter the storeroom to find a Snowman Doll, a Volt Shroom, a Mushroom-colored Item, and a bright Dial. Seize the Mushroom-colored Item and the game will say that it"s a Toy Train.


Pick up the other Items if girlfriend want, then return to the mystery room comprise the Toy Box. Rather of jumping top top the Springboard, technique the Toy Box and check it. You"ll be prompted to use the Toy Train. Do so, and also Mario will certainly throw the Toy Train right into the Toy Box. The Toy Train will bounce top top the train tracks. Reenter the Toy box now.

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Save at the conserve Block. Hit the yellow switch with the pink arrows ~ above it come signal the you desire to walk to the Pink Station, then speak to the Toad engineer right beside the Toy Train. Tell that you desire to ride the train to the Pink Station, and also he"ll take you come the Pink Station.