This is a walkthrough for beating Hole Punch (The Disco Devil), one of the bosses in Paper Mario: The Origami King for the Nintendo Switch. This guide will cover boss strategy, the best weapons to use, as well as other tips and tricks for beating Hole Punch.

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Hole Punch Basic Information

Hole Punch Location: Temple of Shrooms

Battle Features of Hole Punch

1 2 3 4
Hole Punch will punch holes on the board. Crossing any of the holes will let Mario fall inside, unable to move and ending his turn immediately.
Attacking Hole Punch up close will decrease the Maximum HP of Mario almost in half, depending on the weapon used.
The only effective normal attack in this boss battle is Hammer. Using a Jump attack will not cause Hole Punch any damage.
When Mario attacks Hole Punch in the lid (front), Hole Punch will counter attack using the Throwing Punches. Then, Mario"s punched face will fall on the board.

Hole Punch Attacks Decreases Max HP

Attack Name Damage/Effect
Hole Punch (Initial Attack)
Almost quarter of Initial HP
Hole Punch (2nd Time Attack)
Almost quarter of 1st HP
Hole Punch (3rd Time Attack)
Almost half of 2nd HP
Hole Punch (4th Time Attack)
Below half of 3rd HP

Hole Punch Walkthrough

Phase 1


From the start of the boss battle, Hole Punch will put numerous holes in the ground and hole punch the ON Panel, so you won"t be able to use those 1000-Fold Arms just yet. The objective of this first section of the boss battle is to set an Action Panel behind Hole Punch (on the black undersideーmake sure this is either on the innermost ring or one before it), then move in and attack with your hammer.

Do this repeatedly while making sure to avoid the holes on the board and reclaim your cut-out pieces any time they get punched away. When possible, be sure and pick up the treasure chests, and any action bonuses like x2 damage or the extra attack.

Once the ON Panel shows up again without holes, activate it, but do not step on any of the Magic Circles just yet, and instead focus on dealing damage by hammering from behind.

Phase 2

Once you have given enough damage to the Hole Punch, it will glow yellow and begin charging up. Use this turn to make your way over to the turtle-shaped space (first stepping on an ON Panel if they are not active), and then summon the Earth Vellumental. This will deal a little bit of damage and also cause Hole Punch"s attack to miss completely. However, in addition to this, it will flip Hole Punch over, which stops its movement and makes it very vulnerable to the 1000-Fold Arms.

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Line up an ON Panel and the Magic Circle, and then use the 1000-Fold Arms to pound Hole Punch while it is turned over. If its HP was low enough, you might even be able to finish it off with this attack. If not, the battle will continue, but Hole Punch"s tactics will not change, so you can continue using the same strategy.

Hole Punch Tips and Strategy

Attack from behind

Hole Punch can not be damaged from its hard yellow area. Instead, you should go behind it and hit the black area with a hammer. The black underside is its weakpoint, so always make sure you attack there instead!