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One punch Man: roadway to Hero ReviewStory (6/10) Fine an ext Specifically (6.5/10) The story for road to Hero is basic and fine it's basically showing the battles Saitama had actually to walk through ago when we assuming he's act his Training v out the years he claimed he go to ended up being the beast us all recognize him as and also with the truth that he still has his hair this entire episode you can pertained to this conclusion reasonably quickly. It additionally shows how he obtained his outfit and a couple of other exciting things.Art and also Animation (8/10) Very great The Art and Animation because that this was standing alone is very great it looks just as good as the various other episodes. The isn't anything high budget related occurring in this episode and also barely any kind of fights are even seen so barely anything high maintenance on the computer animation side of points where presented in the episode yet like I claimed it looks the same to the various other 12 episodes as soon as nothing super crazy is continue so the fine by me.Sound (8/10) Very great Same thing with this section everything sound very good, Opening and Ending are current no yes, really differences between this and the 12 episodes every little thing is very an excellent here too.Characters (8/10) an extremely GoodThis illustration revolves approximately Saitama mostly and secondly his friend who creates the icon One Punch man outfit for him. His character is very great as we watch his struggles of keeping his keep afloat an excellent character advancement for the old geezer together he *SPOILER* end up providing in to his age and the times because that retirement. Enjoyment (7/10) GoodObviously the greatest enjoyments once it concerns the collection One Punch male are the over the top and hype moments the series brings come the table, after the enjoyment lays on to the comedy aspect and then the really story. So since this is based on Saitama prior to he walk bald all the hype hype moments space really existing for the episode. Together for comedy there room a couple of funny moment in the episode but nothing that made me laugh my ass off prefer the various other episodes. And so we are down to story and also learning about what Saitama had to go through to gain to whereby he his as far as his outfit and where he's living is interesting and also enjoying sufficient to an level for one episode.Overall (7/10) GoodMore especially (7.50/10)This to be a good episode girlfriend can certainly consider this a flashback episodes which now these work aren't really liked about here yet it was good for what that was.

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Nothing also crazy and also amazing but much more on the funny/informational next of things once it came to One Punch guy this is a an excellent watch if you desire to simply know more about Saitama.