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Shared universes space all the rage these days. From the Marvel Cinematic world to Freddy Krueger throwing down with Jason Voorhees to everything Reagan-era nightmare Cartoon All-Stars to the RescueÂwas, everyone loves a an excellent crossover. The goes twin when these crossovers space unofficial in nature. Now, two an ext iconic TV shows are involvement the ranks of these common universe superstars: My Hero Academia and also One-Punch Man. The superhero high college saga My Hero Academia and the satirical superhero series One-Punch Man aren’t simply two that the greatest anime ~ above the planet, they might also be directly linked in a method that can explain an awful lot. And also we’re going come dive into it headfirst top top today’s illustration of The Dan Cave.

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Perhaps the wait because that season 4 that My Hero Academia has addled our brains, but this brand-new fan theory from redditor Yetiinatux has some genuine promise. Let’s look at the evidence, candlestick we? My Hero Academia is collection in a human being where around 80% the the populace possesses superhuman abilities well-known as Quirks. Some of them space incredibly helpful like superspeed or super strength, when others room less desirable like the strength to rip off your very own spherical hair and throw it favor weird difficult balls.

Inspired through Saitama’s heroism in the moment, that One For every holder passed it follow me to Saitama, which defines how he to be able to get such incredible power simply by law his practice of 100 press ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, and 10 kilometer run every day. Together for Saitama’s hair loss, that as well is described as the physical manifestation the the One For every Quirk. All could was able come turn right into a much an ext muscular variation of himself and Midoriya had the ability to glow v greenish energy, yet Saitama? well he simply turned bald. Look, friend can’t success ‘em all, okay?Now, there are plenty of feet one could poke in this theory. Situation in point, one commenter mentioned that the way cities are called in One-Punch Man is intended to be a straight parody of an additional shonen classics like Dragon Ball who offered cities throwaway names because you weren’t expected to care around those locations. An additional issue v this theory is the timeline doesn’t exactly add up. There space no superhero leagues in One-Punch Man. The Hero association is formed due to the fact that Saitama conserved the founder’s nephew from Crablante, so without it there would be no superhero group like in My Hero Academia.The theory might still job-related though. What seems more plausible is that rather than comes after My Hero Academia, One-Punch Man in reality takes place before My Hero Academia. Saitama is one of the earliest civilization to build a Quirk and also use it for an excellent rather than for selfish, an individual gain. He might still be an inheritor of One for All, which at some point passes the method down the chain to all Might, and could additionally explain the enormous amount of strength that has actually been stockpiled through One For anywhere the years. As for the futuristic technology of One-Punch Man, well maybe it all got destroyed somehow before My Hero Academia. But then again, the tech on display in MHA is nothing to sneeze at either. Still, it’s a fun concept to think around and and also interesting means to affix two of the most popular superhero anime the end there.

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But what execute you think that this theory? execute you purchase it? What’s your favorite One-Punch Man or My Hero Academia pan theory? allow me recognize in the comments below.