Desire is the seventeenth studio album by Bob Dylan, released on January 5, 1976 through Columbia Records.

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It is one of Dylan’s most collaborative efforts, special the very same caravan the musicians as the acclaimed rolling Thunder Revue tours the previous year (later recorded on The Bootleg collection Vol. 5); many of the songs also featured backing vocals through Emmylou Harris and also Ronee Blakley.


“One an ext Cup that Coffee” tells the tale of a girl whose household are gypsies and also drifters, and of the guy who need to leave she to get in the “valley below”. The narrator defines a character that is beautiful: “your eyes are choose two jewels in the sky” but for whom the narrator’s love and also admiration room not reciprocated (“but i don’t feeling affection no gratitude or love, your commitment is not to me however to the stars above”). The song faces themes that abandonment; the obvious end the a relationship and the principle of a comes journey. The song can be viewed as a an allegory for Dylan’s relationship with Sara; however, this is unsubstantiated. The track is also thought to have been motivated by a visit Dylan made to Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer in Provence,France, wherein there is an annual gathering that Romany world who venerate Saint sarah the Egyptian. This would certainly seem to suggest to an additional link come Sara Dylan.


The song is a duet between Dylan and Emmylou Harris; as an incidental to its usage of the organic minor scale it has a decidedly center Eastern odor in the vocal melody. That was covered by The White Stripes on your eponymous debut album.

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“I just liked the look of it and also I looked in ~ the title – you construct an instinct, d’you know what ns mean? and it looked favor the sort of document I would certainly like, so ns took that out and also I did like it, and started playing it.”– john Peel

I love the raw, primitive style of this Bob Dylan cover.

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The White Stripes – One much more Cup the Coffee (album version):

Live Under Nova Scotian Light:

– Hallgeir

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