“Once did you do it wrestled, everything else in life is easy.” Dan Gable’s above quote is a powerful mantra that practically every wrestler knows and loves. The apparent reason top top why this an easy statement has become so recognizable through wrestlers is the it has rung true in so numerous of our lives. We identify with it as both a point of pride and solidarity in our community. This isn’t exclusive come those that accomplished Olympic gold but affects us all in just being a part of the sport, in gift a wrestler. The influence the sport has made on us is distinctive with all various journeys follow me the way and its impact will always be lasting transparent our lives.

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Another dynamic to this is the pride we take in others. This come in many different develops that almost all of us have the right to relate to. Occasionally it’s a head nod come the guy in the supermarket who has actually the very same cauliflower ear the other people are looking at in horror. Various other times that a t-shirt or coat that makes you turn your head once you see the word “wrestling” under the team name. Perhaps the one ns like most is when you check out someone achieve something professionally or athletically (other 보다 wrestling) and hear, “oh yeah, the dude used to wrestle.”

Exactly that happened this week and Flo Wrestling, along with some other networks, placed the story out around the university of Iowa football team. Among the starting offensive linemen was hurt last weekend and also a replacement, who will start this weekend, was put in. Through that substitution in the lineup, all 5 of Iowa’s offensive lineman this week room Iowa natives the all inserted in the top three in ~ the high college state tournament. This to be a yes, really cool statistic that we were able to celebrate this week and also evoke that soul of pride in wrestling.

Now, as you’re reading this, I’m sure the an initial thing that pertains to your mental is all the other wrestlers the were successful football players choose Super bowl Champions, Stephen Neal and also Ray Lewis. Indigenous there, us would naturally look over at our buddy and also say, “ya know, George Washington and also Abraham Lincoln wrestled.” even further, we would certainly talk about military symbols like George Patton and also Norman Schwarzkopf, scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson, and also entertainers Robin Williams, Ashton Kutcher, Tom Cruise, and also Mario Lopez. Yes, “A.C. Slater” did, in fact, wrestle in high school in real life and was a California state placer.

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Source: The California Wrestler

Before we obtain too deep into the litany that famous people that offered to wrestle, let’s no lose emphasis on the topic at hand. Even though it deserve to be entertaining come talk about all the celebrities that offered to wrestle, the typical bond us share in our endure in the sport is what renders this brotherhood and sisterhood for this reason awesome. Whether the sport taught you exactly how to it is in tough, how to face fear, how to do friends by putting yourself v torture by their side, or just just how to lose 10 pounds in a week, us will always live by the, “once a wrestler, constantly a wrestler” mentality. That is a right of passage and also badge of ship to speak to yourself a wrestler. No everyone can do it and also those who can will constantly hold us to a higher standard. It yes, really is true. As soon as you’ve wrestled, every little thing else in life IS easy.