See Old Dominion’s ‘Back to the Future’ Homage ‘Break Up with Him’

Breakout tape honors the classic 1985 time-travel movie in its brand-new video, finish with their own DeLorean


For their brand-new video because that debut solitary “Break Up through Him,” the band of songwriters known as Old preeminence went retro. But not the Seventies retro the is progressively en vogue in nation music — instead, lock looked come the puffy vests and skinny skateboards of 1985’s Back come the Future.

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The video, which plays prefer a mini-movie, casts Old rule singer Matt Ramsey in the Marty McFly role made famous by Michael J. Fox in the now 30-year-old time-traveling classic. The action takes place roughly the climactic charm Under the Sea dance scene — retitled right here as the Entanglement over the Heavens — whereby Ramsey leads his bandmates v “Break Up through Him” together the menacing goon Biff (played convincingly through Old D’s keys man Trevor Rosen) do the efforts to make off with his girl (actress Dana Chapman in the Lea Thompson role).

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Director Steve Condon claims he always had the idea of framing a country music video clip in the context of one Eighties film. “I to be trying to perform an Eighties video, a parody the The Breakfast Club, Back come the Future and a totality bunch of points messed up,” he speak Rolling rock Country. “But Old preeminence was obsessed with Back come the Future and they wanted to execute it.”

After sidestepping some legal issues — transforming the color of Ramsey’s McFly-like vest for circumstances — band and crew dug in because that an 18-hour job of filming in Nashville, in ~ the Masonic Lodge on Broadway (the same location in i beg your pardon A Thousand equines filmed their new videofor “ Drunk Dial”). An exhausting, fast-paced shoot, Condon says the mood obtained a boost when the video’s greatest star arrived: a re-creation the Doc Brown’s time machine.

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“Spirits shot earlier up after ~ the DeLorean proved up,” says Condon, that rented the automobile from a Myrtle Beach, southern Carolina, couple, that drove it to the shoot. “That’s your living and they journey it and also rent it.”

Along with the Back come the Future tribute, Old Dominion likewise looked to their favorite videos: those through Dave Grohl’s band. Condon states they aimed for cool however clever: “We just want to take it serious and also look good, however have fun, like all the Foo Fightersvideos.”

Old ascendancy is top top the road throughout the summer, both on your own and as distinct guests top top Kenny Chesney’s huge Revival Tour. They’ll headline a show in Philadelphia Friday night, before joining Chesney and also Eric Churchon Saturday in ~ Philly’s Lincoln gaue won Field.