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Ok i Pull Up, continued Hop the end at the after Party, space the opened lyrics to Don Toliver"s 2020 track "After Party." that year, people started using a sample the the opened lyrics top top TikTok and in video clip edits, most notably over a video clip of a capybara talk in the passenger seat of a car. It is regularly used end comedic footage of personalities in activity and extr capybara videos and images, with the song"s more serious nature difference the footage. The tune is also used in the Sigma stare meme.


On in march 13th, 2020, Don Toliver exit the song "After Party" off his album Heaven or Hell (shown below).

Okay, i pull up, hop out at the after partyYou and also all her friends, yeah, they love come get naughty

Throughout April and also May of 2020, the song"s original sound became notably popularized top top TikTok<2> in dance, lip-dub and also skit videos. The song has been offered in videos by some of TikTok"s best creators, consisting of King Bach and Charli D"Amelio (shown below, left and also right respectively).

On September 10th, 2020, YouTuber EGA nation reposted a video showing JoeJoe the capybara speak in the passenger chair of a vehicle from a 2014 crazy Cody"s Creatures YouTube<1> upload collection to the song, acquiring over 293,000 see in simply under a year (author unknown; shown below).


The tune saw far-reaching use in mim throughout the food of 2020 and also 2021, frequently featured in shitpost video edits and also in videos that capybaras. These room sometimes recognized as "Capybara Supremacy" edits, after the I believe In prominence meme format.

On January 28th, 2021, Instagram<3> user
codlags posted picture macro special a GIF the Godzilla performing a flying kick using the song and also the optimal text "Ok i pull up," obtaining over 16,000 views in 7 months (shown below, left). On April 27th, Instagram<6> user
wheatzies posted picture macro v footage native Diddy Kong Racing featuring top text analysis "ok ns pull up," obtaining over 16,000 see in 4 months (shown below, right).

On June 30th, 2021, YouTuber Tony Gunk uploaded a desire to be dominated meme making use of the song and a capybara image, obtaining over 283,000 see in 2 months (shown below).

On July 8th, YouTuber the One Gamer posted a Shroomjak Why do Women only Like Stupid Jerks meme making use of the song, gaining over 60,000 views in a month (shown below).

On July 18th, modder UnstoppableTaco post a "Vs. Ok ns Pull Up" Friday Night Funkin" mode to game Banana<7> in which girlfriend rap battle versus a number of related "I pull Up" and Sigma stare meme images collection to "After Party" (shown below). The mod obtained over 1,000 downloads in a month.

On august 13th, Instagram<5> user
a11iens using footage of counting Dooku from Star Wars: illustration I over the song, acquiring over 79,000 views and also 11,000 likes in 2 weeks (shown below). The video was originally posted to YouTube<4> by CosmicHabitat in January.




Related Memes

Leorio "Sigma Stare"

The opening lyrics that "After Party" are often used in videos the Hunter x Hunter character Leorio staring forward, offering what"s known as the Sigma Stare. The faster available video clip featuring Leorio staring set to the track was uploaded to YouTube on November 28th, 2020 by Why, and also is a reupload from an unknown source (shown below).

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The track has because been used in other memes showing personalities with the Sigma rigid (example shown below).